Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jane's Infinite Adventures

Yesterday saw the end of the first week of the new year that is to be Packed. With. Adventure!


Turns out, I think I might have been slightly too optimistic about that idea. Because, you know, when you're not used to seeking out adventures, adventures are a little hard to come by.

But! I had an epiphany mid-week about adventure. Adventure isn't necessarily about the activity - I mean, it's not like most of us have access to screaming roller coaster rides every day. Instead, adventure is an internal feeling of excitement - rather than anxiety - about doing something outside the norm.

Understanding that then, I've had a pretty adventurous week!

To sum up:

1) I baked something I'd never baked before in the form of scones and then again in the form of chili pie.
2) I went on the search for the ultimate cinnamon roll with Matt and Kristin.
3) I willingly let Matt take pictures of me and then I took pictures of him standing out in the middle of the road.
4) I learned how to update my work website using the HTML editor and I didn't screw it up.
5) I took a "short cut" through an unfamiliar suburban neighborhood when the beaten path was backed up with construction.
6) I tried a new kind of sushi roll - wasabi tobiko - that made me cry...with intense, sinus cleansing pleasure.
7) I tried Czech food at SoBo 151.
8) And last, but certainly not least, I told Lex about my finances in gory detail and he and I worked out a plan to get us both debt free in less than 2 years.

All in all? Not too shabby for someone a little adventure-rusty.

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