Monday, February 28, 2011

March...of this Penguin

It's the last day of February.

Physically, I know spring is just around the corner in two ways:

1) As I drove home from the Matt Haus last night at 6:30, there was still light in the sky. Granted, it was quite dusky but there was still enough light in the sky to suggest the sun had recently been there, and

2) I'm sitting here at 5:30 a.m. looking at the weather forecast for the day and trying to figure out just which coat I should be taking with me to work this morning. Sure, it's 20° now but by 3 p.m. it'll be 60° which does not require the knee length wool.

Additionally, I have another indicator that March is literally just around today's corner. Physiologically I can tell. Because all of a sudden, just this morning, I actually feel like exercising. And not some half-assed, 20-minute workout either. I feel like I want to sweat and hurt and breathe heavy and not with least, not until exercise-induced endorphins kick in around minute 18 anyway.

Which means this bear is emerging from hibernation.

Which means I'll be eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer baked goods.

Which means I may be motivated to lay off the afternoon coffee-wine combination otherwise known as a poor girl's speedball. At least, during the week.

Which means I'll probably be a raving meanhorriblebitch for awhile. 

Hey! At least I haven't vowed to quit smoking...just yet.

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