Sunday, February 27, 2011


Low energy tonight.

You'd think after I'd drunk a pot and a half of coffee...uh, at I'd have more energy than I do. I think, however, I've discovered there is a threshold between just enough coffee to do the trick up nicely and too much coffee negating the caffeine stimulant effect.

TC would say, "Too much coffee? Not possible." To him I say, "Pffffft. See you tomorrow. For coffee."

Odd weekend. Good weekend. And yet, odd.

I missed out on my weekly descent into Matt-ness due to a vague feeling of fighting off the plague that's been making its rounds. Me no likey this not seeing my Matt. While I did get to see him for a couple of hours this afternoon for *gasp* coffee, it's not quite the same. For months, we've begun our weekends together. And I missed that this weekend...and him.

For those of you wondering...while Matt is one of my beloved superheroes and contributes much to my happiness, we are not and will not be involved like that. So don't go sending us off with rice and shoes. We are comfortable where we are. He is the holder of my credit cards and, eventually, my death envelope. I <3 him. He <3 me. He even told me once...OK but just as a random fluke. I think he forgot who he was talking to *laughing*.

I did get to spend some time with the Batman. While he's still fighting his own plague symptoms, we managed to eke out a lovely night spent in one another's company. But our morning this morning was decidedly lower energy than we're both used to...if you can call 3 weeks "used to".

And that low energy has carried forward throughout the day and into the evening. Plans, canceled. For the best. I feel...weird...and not much like laughing. Not sad, not spinning, not plagued - figuratively or physically, just...alone in my thoughts. Low energy. Neither angsty or content.


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