Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Germs Crawl In

I'm sick.

Whimpering, listless wandering, unable to sleep sick.

I am not, you know, Albuquerque sick because really? Who the hell ever gets THAT sick? Still...I don't feel so swell.

I'm sick enough for Lex to volunteer to do the grocery shopping today so I can stay home and rest - Lex, who would rather undergo tooth extraction sans Novocain than go to the grocery.

What's more, I'm sick enough for Lex, who does not cuddle, to cuddle me when I told him, "I just want somebody to hold me."

I'm sick enough for Matt, BFF, to offer to procure NyQuil in the middle of the night so I could sleep. I probably ought to have taken him up on his offer. I didn't sleep much. I keep dozing off in this chair as I write this. I want to sleep. Really I do. But I lie down and it goes a little something like this:

Sit up. Cough. Blow nose. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water. Lie back down. Sit up. Cough. Blow nose. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink of water. Lie back down. Etc.

Bah. I need a miraculous recovery by 5 a.m. tomorrow. Anyone got one they'd be willing to share?


zero hour said...

a piping hot bowl of PHO with lots of peppers and hot sauce in it? Then follow it up with a rousing round of "Rock Lobster" playing at full volume to fruge the germs away.

Teresa said...

Mucinex DM worked the best for me.

Diva said...

I swear by the sinus flush because it keeps the cough at bay so you can sleep. Walgreens has Neti pots for about $10 and there are instructional vids on YouTube.

And no one gets Albuquerque sick because I am just that special. *laugh*

Just Jane said...

@Patty: Ther will be no dancing.

@Teresa: Procured and just now taken.

@Diva: You are that special. I mean, if you're gonna do it, you might as well be the best! *smile*