Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Dead...Just...Absorbing and Working on Other Good Stuffs

Yes, I know I've not posted a thing in over a week.

Don't think I don't feel guilty or weird or worried that I've dried up and have a barren pen either. Because I totally feel all those things.

Or did.

Until I read this post from Elizabeth over at Letters from a Small State in which she talks about how she's not been posting lately because she's absorbing.

Apparently, it happens to everyone.

I've been posting nearly daily - sometimes multiple times a day - for the last 18 months. That's alotta posting. Right now, my head is full of other things though.

I've been noodling and writing on my collection of short stories.
I've been pondering situations not fit for blog posting.
I've been working on a special project - a project of which the details are TOP SECRET until after Saturday night.
I've been seeking out people with whom I feel I've lost our connection. Quietly wondering why the connection was lost and hoping it will somehow re-establish itself without force.
And I've been working on trying to get the spins to shut the fuck up...with resounding success actually (for once).

So...I'm still here. And not dead. And getting ready to regale you with more of my infinite wisdom.


1 comment:

Franklin Taggart said...

Writing for writing's sake isn't very compelling, so you take all the time you need to absorb and then come back and be brilliant!

PS I'm glad you're still here :)