Monday, April 11, 2011

Corporal McCranky-Pants Reporting for Duty

I will not make afternoon coffee.




But I want to.

See, it turns out, Lex is just a wee bit over my "meh"-ness. Subsequently, I got a bit of a Lexture (hee hee) last night about certain er...habits I've been exercising, or NOT exercising (literally) as it were, and how they were impacting me and my Anxiety Ride.

If you'll recall, I started doing poor girl's legal speedballs back in August. You know, coffee followed by wine until bed? Yep. And that's pretty much been the last 6 months of my life. Coffee, wine, cheese, bed and then can't sleep soundly for more than an hour or two...just before the alarm goes off. It's kinda been taking its toll.

No wonder I'm a basketcase.

Finally, last night, Lex said enough. Boo on him.

So I agreed. No coffee after work - CAVEAT (HA!) - unless I'm going out for coffee. Also, exercise every day. And no cheese just before bed.

I totally get to keep the wine though.

Hey! Anyone want to go out for coffee?

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Unknown said...

I gotta say, I'm with Lex on this one. Unless you are wanting to feel lousy, you shouldn't sabotage your ability to get a decent night's sleep. After about 2pm or so, tea is your friend.