Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please Let This Not Be Indicative of the Week Ahead


I was making pasta for supper. Easy, fast, comfort food seemed fitting on this chilly Sunday evening. I'd been sort of "meh" all day today...nothing wrong per se just, you know, meh. So, I was talking with Lex about it when I opened the cupboard to retrieve the colander, clearly not paying attention to my task at hand nor thinking about how the colander was nestled in my stack of pie pans...all of them.


Every last one of my pie pans laid shattered in chunks and shards of broken glass at my bare feet.

And I wanted to cry.

Not because these were particularly special, expensive pie plates. And not because they're irreplaceable.

Just...they're my pie plates! And I love baking pie - one could say I have a passion for pie - and while I had no plans to bake pie this week, now I can't even if I wanted to because my pie plates are gone. And dammit! Why CAN'T anything ever last forever?

See? I'm being completely irrational and whiny over broken dishes. I'm disgusted by my inability to not be a klutz and generally lamenting life when it's good.



Matt said...

I will TOTALLY go thrifting with you for new ones.... :)

MsSparrow said...

yeah what Matt said.

MsSparrow said...

oh and? *hugs* sorry about the pie pans lady