Sunday, May 01, 2011

14 Pet Peevery Lane

Oh, apartment living! How I love thee!

I pay my rent and everything else is taken care of for me. Utilities paid, grass mowed, flowers planted, walks shoveled. When there is a maintenance issue, I don't have to hunt and peck via Google and Facebook friend recommendations for a good plumber, good electrician, good exterminator (god damn ants!). I send a quick e-mail to Management and voilá! Problem solved.

Except one.

Other, inconsiderate, tenants.

To wit, behold our common laundry room - one washer, one dryer - shared among 13 units:

This nuclear explosion of laundry belongs to one - just one - person. Please note: you cannot see the pile atop the dryer or the overloaded washer or the folding table littered with dirty underpants off to the left. Again, all belonging to just one person.

What you don't know from perusing this photo is that our laundry room has been invaded by this asshole tenant for over a week. What you don't know is that every folding/setting surface is covered. What you don't know is that the clothes piled high atop the dryer? Were placed there by ME when I needed to get to the washer LAST Sunday.

It was clear the washer had finished its cycle several hours before based on A) the barely damp state and mildewy smell of the clothes within it and B) the bone dry sink into which the washer drains. 8 days those clothes have been sitting waiting to be retrieved.

How long will they wait?

That remains to be seen.

The point is that, People! When you don't live in a big, ramshackle house all by your lonesome and have to share a laundry facility - one with only ONE set of appliances - you should display some modicum of decency and respect for your neighbors by A) removing your clothes as promptly as possible and B) not decorating the laundry room to resemble Goodwill after a particularly fruitful Saturday drop off for 8 damn days!

I can see that clearly this person does laundry perhaps every 38 weeks (randomly selected number). But, you would think, once they'd decided to do laundry, they would follow through until the last washcloth was folded and put away...where it their own apartment where I don't have to see/step over/push it aside/handle in all its mildewy glory for 8 damn days!

Is it too much to ask for a little consideration? A little politeness? A little less mess and a lot more yes?

Apparently so.

Now. It did occur to me at some point - I believe yesterday morning when I was, again, trying to fight my way to the washing machine - that perhaps some kind of disaster had struck and the person whose laundry this belonged to had been secretly eaten by wild dogs before they'd had a chance to retrieve their personal belongings from this communal space.

However, there has been no stink of decomposing flesh floating toward the Grotto so, I can only conclude this moron is just a jerk, plain and simple.

Anyone know where I can find a pack of wild dogs to accidentally unleash upon a deserving asshole?

Boo on you, inconsiderate tenant. Boo. On. You.

modchen and #himself? I assume this is not you. <3


Anonymous said...

Bring down a big trash bag, throw it all in and seal it, leaving it in the corner with a polite note saying it's clothing found abandoned here. When it disappears, put out of your mind whether your maintenance crew threw it out or the owner reclaimed it - Not Your Problem.

MsSparrow said...

what Gavin said ^^

Diva said...

I agree, but use gloves. Heaven knows what's on those clothes.

modchen said...

shit-snackin-crackers, no, that's not us. i know the washer/dryer cycle times i use to the exact minute and i never let them sit, because people who touch my underthings make me homicidal.

clearly someone needs a lesson. they won't learn if they're not taught.

Just Jane said...

Gurrrl, that laundry is STILL there. Or was as of 3 p.m. this afternoon.

modchen said...

the blonde lady from the other wing is in process right now. but if i go down there tomorrow and the shit is still there, i will dispense justice personally.

also one pile is abram's, he says.