Sunday, May 15, 2011

Additional Brain Dumpage

1. Gallup Polls called hungover me this morning conducting a survey on adult beverages. She asked me, "Have you, in the last 7 days, had beer? Distilled spirits? Wine and/or champagne?"

My response? "Yes. Yes. Yes and/or yes." But what I wanted to say was, "Lady? I had them all yesterday."

What? Yesterday was a special occasion. The Divatologist's birthday party as a matter of fact - a party that only occurs every 5 years. When in Rome, as they Divus

2. Speaking of phones, I just made one of my 4 annual obligatory phone calls to my dad to wish him a happy birthday. He's 73. He sounds and acts like he's 173. But then, he's been busy dying for the last 25 years so it comes as no surprise. For once, he only mentioned the death of one person in the first 5 minutes of the phone call and, for once, almost sounded positive and I was just thinking to myself, "Wow! This is, all in all, a pretty decent conversation" when he started in on his typical diatribe of who was dead, divorced, sick, in jail, etc and so forth and, as he does, went from head to toe describing all his various ailments. *sigh*

We talked for 1 hour, 16 minutes. Not once did he say as much as, "How are you?"

I know he's old and I should be making every attempt to spend as much time with him as possible. But honestly? The first 12 years of my life of him making sure I knew [redacted] was probably enough to last a lifetime. Thanks.

Whoops! Was that my outloud voice?

3. The rapture has, apparently, been penciled in on Gawd's calendar for next Saturday. I'll be at Sammich Saturday but, as long as it doesn't mess with me getting my sammich, I'm good.

4. I spent the afternoon yesterday with a friend who's going through a major transition. Most of us, when we hit 30 don't bump up against quite THIS sized transition but, in some form, we all hit a period of major change. It's called, by astrologers, the Saturn Transit. My friend asked me what my transition was when I hit 30. Well...let's see...I ended a decade long relationship with my first love, gave back the ring, broke his heart, quit my job, cashed out my retirement, and, for all intents and purposes, disappeared for 6 months during which time I decided I wasn't normal and would not ever be normal and thus would not try ever again to live a normal existence. And here I am. Not living the life I thought, at 20, I would live. This is a good thing.

5. My biggest fear? Being forgotten.

6. I crossed an unknown boundary with Lex last night. Subsequently, we're outta sorts here at Casa de Grotto tonight. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It was just unexpected and, perhaps, least, for now. But it seemed like it's what he needed at the time. However, wow, just wow, because wow. I, apparently, have a knack for opening doors for people...people who do not want those doors opened. And now I'm worried I've lost/damaged two of the most important relationships in my life all in a 2-week span. Wow. Way to go, Jane. You rock. Next time, try to keep your hands (and brilliant ideas and thoughts and zen sticks) in your car at all times. Jury's still out on both (I think). Way to go, Infinitely Wise One.

7. The Jack of Fables and the Jane of Songs shall spend some long overdue time together tomorrow. I am beyond looking forward to this! It's been way way way too long.

8. What tangled webs we weave.

9. I leave you with this video. If you've not bothered to watch it on my Facebook, you must watch it now. Seriously. It's totally worth it.


modchen said...

IF I DON'T GET OUT OF THE HOUSE TONIGHT I SHALL LOSE MY MIND. let's go check out some little cocktail bar we have never been to.

modchen said...

scratch tonight. but sometime soon.

also, nice mashup. fa shaw.

Just Jane said...

OK. You name the night and we'll go. Because really? You and I? We totally NEED to do it.