Tuesday, May 03, 2011

And Again with the Perspective

Re-reading this morning what I wrote last night feels awful. Not because I'm any less prickly this morning - I am most definitely prickly - but because I feel like I unleashed all the snark I'd been storing up for a rainy day and let it fly with a resounding splat all over this blog.

For that, I'm sorry.

Yesterday was not a very good day. While so many people were rejoicing the death of Osama bin Laden, I sat and stewed about it. But then, this close to the new moon, I sit and stew about everything. Yesterday was no exception. The stew I'd cooked up was chunky, meaty, and piping hot. Too bad the flavor was off.

But in the morning light of a new day, I'm determined to get over my damn prickly self and give myself an opportunity. The opportunity of a new perspective.

Dayna IS coming! Hip hip hooray!
There is such a thing as a car wash and relatively pigeon-free parking areas. Plus, there is Bert.
PCI Compliance really isn't a bad thing. It's just convoluted. It's a meaty challenge.
Information is good. I can work with what I know. I'm lucky to have Lex as an advocate.
New moon? Whatever *laugh*.
No really. Van Gogh Double Espresso Infused Vodka is really awesome!
I am grateful for good friends.
And I won't apologize for feeling and telling people how I feel.
And no really, I love punk. Nothing will change that.
And I love Mr. Show and, in particular, that line.
And I did go to bed and this is what happened in the meantime.

I got a new perspective.

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