Wednesday, May 04, 2011

That One Time I Went to the Auto Parts Store and Didn't Die

Last Thursday, 'round dusk, I was driving home and, while pulled behind an SUV at a stoplight, happened to notice I had a headlight out.

Which, of course, you understand iffen you've been here awhile, means auto maintenance/repair which also means the oh shit ANXIETY factor in my life increased tenfold.

I did utter, "Well, shit!"

I did not, however, cry. *rolling eyes*

Because, you see, I've been through a headlight burn out once before and knew it would not be costly or require much from me beyond a Facebook poke to Devo Was Right (good to see that diesel mechanic's certification not going to waste). Luckily, now that he's 40, I don't have to promise him much beyond takeout Chinese.

However, it did require one teensy weensy thing that is enough to send Jane in Her Infinite Wisdom right over the edge...

A the auto parts store...alone. EEEK!

So I headed out at lunch today, down to County Line - because, yeah, apparently that's where you find auto parts stores in the suburbs - and drove right on up to the NAPA. There was a little twinge of anxiety when I first got there as I thought about what I was getting ready to know, go in and ask the salesman for a part I knew they'd have for a car of which I know the year/make/model, and then pay cash that I knew I had.

See where all that anxiety is coming from? *tongue firmly in cheek*

But I took a deep breath - doing the proverbial sucking it up, if you will - and marched my butt into the store to find...

A fe-sales-man. WOO HOO!

Somehow, asking a woman to help me for the part I needed seemed not threatening at all. I went right up to the counter, told her what I needed and what kind of car it was for, she said, "That'll be $9.55 plus tax and I've got 6 in stock."

I said, "One, please."

And she went to wherever part of the store they keep such dreaded things as lightbulbs for headlights for automobiles, retrieved the part, rang it up, and asked me for $9.98. I gave her a $20, she gave me $10.02 in change, wished me a happy Mother's Day (I simply said thank you, not bothering to correct her), and I went on my way.


So! This is what I can now do:

- Fill 'er up with gas.
- Fill 'er up with windshield wiper fluid.
- Check the tire air pressure and fill 'er up with air to 32 pounds per tire when necessary.
- Check the oil.
- Make an appointment for windshield replacement.
- Go to auto parts stores and ask for parts.

All without dying.

Look, Ma! You're baby's growing up.

PS This is the second day in a row I've gotten command parking in front of my apartment in a relatively pigeon-free zone.

Things are looking up.

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Diva said...

Remember last weekend when I talked about leaving home and being afraid of anything different? The same gas station, the same pumps, the same everything so as not to be faced with anything new?

[as Lana in "Archer"] Yuuup.

*kisses* *smile*