Monday, June 13, 2011

The Monday Update

1) Weird dreams lately. No nightmares for awhile. This is good. But now the dreams are weird...

For instance, last night, I dreamed our VP of New Media and Technology told me I didn't have the math. And I was all like, "But I do have the math! Of course I have the math! What do I look like, a clown?"

And that is only vaguely humorous to people who are familiar with Paula Poundstone's stand-up from the late 80's. Me personally? I thought it was hysterical...well...except for when I was dreaming it. It made me feel bad to think someone thought I didn't have the math...and possibly extra-large feet.

2) Odd convergence of circumstances have put me back into touch with someone I didn't think I'd likely ever speak to again.

A few years' back, I was in a relationship with a man I liked very much. He and I had very good times was easy being together. I won't re-hash the details of why it ended here...and frankly, that's because I was an asshole in another blog about the reason behind my walking away from a relationship neither of us wanted to end and so I don't think repeating history is a good thing...but, what began as an amicable parting, sort of (OK really), exploded in my face and I thought he hated my guts.

We hadn't spoken in about 4 years.

Friday night, I was invited to a house party and it came to my attention that he was also invited and planned to attend. Uh oh. Well...there was nothing to be done except suck it up, put on my big girl panties, and find the determination to make friendly overtures.

He didn't show.

So, Saturday night, because I'd had wine and was feeling both bold and devil-may-care, I sent him a friend request on ye old facebook. He accepted much to my delight. And, this afternoon, we talked for almost an hour. Turns out, he thought I hated him all this time. We can't ever go back to that time or space but wow! Is it ever nice to move peacefully forward knowing that there is another ex in the friend bucket.

3) It's raining hard right now. Maybe the pigeon poop will be washed away from my car.

4) The invalid (Lex) is still invalidated. We've also learned a highly valuable lesson about Midol...

It has caffeine in it. He didn't sleep much Saturday night.

It also has a diuretic in it. He didn't sleep much Saturday night.


5) Has anyone seen Logan? He's about *THIS* tall? Seriously. I'm a little worried.

6) I'm having wine and gummy bears for supper. And that makes being a grown up totally worth it.

7) What new fresh hell is this coming Wednesday and why did everyone want to plan something on that day? I ask you?

Full work schedule, final board meeting of the fiscal year, father's laser prostate surgery he needed me to be at and with him for 24 hours after (I had to say no...see previous two items on my agenda...this is me, not sad), Bomb Betsy's birthday, the Geeks Who Drink Quiz as Folk gay quiz night, and now the coffee/talk I've been waiting patiently for for the last 2 months?

I have to be at work and at the board meeting. I'm obligated (although I'm not sure why) to stop by the father's place afterward to check on him. Quiz starts at 7. Birthday party, I think, at 9. There isn't any room for coffee/talk. And that's probably the one thing I actually needed to do for me.

Well. Once again, it's not about me. I guess that'll have to wait.

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