Friday, June 17, 2011


1) This lunchtime interruption thing is getting ridiculous. Wednesday, after I'd already been interrupted twice, I finally said to a certain someone who conducts my annual review, "Et tu, Brute?" And then begged to please please please have 10 minutes just to myself so I could eat my lunch and relax before the next wave of organized chaos. She backed out of my office...slowly.

2) My father made it through surgery just fine and my niece is taking good care of him...or so it would seem. I think she was a little nonplussed when she heard me ask my dad how his penis was (he'd had surgery on his enlarged prostate). She'll get over it...I think. Hopefully I didn't just add 10 years onto her therapy. Anyway, yeah. He's apparently fine and back to (almost) normal based on the fact that I had to hear a 10-minute rundown this morning on his unsuccessful attempts to have a bowel movement but I consider that getting off lightly. This only makes sense to the rest of my family.

3) If you can't cry in front of your hairdresser, just who can you cry in front of? Case in point: my adorable hairdresser Sarah said to me, as we both sat there weeping this afternoon, "Wow. I do believe this is the most awkward appointment we've ever had." Yeah. You think? In her defense, her grandmother just died. In my defense, I feel like my grandmother just died...if I'd had a grandmother I actually knew. I still came out with awesome hair so the awkwardness was worth it.

4) I really really really really wish I could put purple streaks in my hair. I'm fairly certain I would love to just make my gray streaks purple. Then maybe I wouldn't feel as though I'd aged 10 years in the last year. But I can't. Because I'm a grown up. With a grown up job. Dammit.

5) Also? I really really really really wish I was here right now:

Drinking martinis and smelling the salt air and feeling the tropical sea breezes...

But I'm not.

6) Dear Facebook,
Please stop suggesting that particular person as a friend for me. Really? She is not a friend. me on this one. kthxbye.

7) I went to the gay/pride-themed Geeks Who Drink night the other night with a group of incredible women. We were the Leave It to Cleavage team. We finished 11th out of 22 teams. Not bad for our first go as a team...and for a group who'd never watched The L Word or Queer As Folk.

One of the questions was about Matthew Shepard. I don't think I'll ever be able to stop crying for Matthew Shepard. Just sayin'.

Photo credit: Lux Obscura Note: this is not THE fence...but as close as he could find.

8) Is anyone else terrified of moldy bread? Seriously.

I was making a sandwich yesterday afternoon and, before I would reach my hand into the plastic sack, had to examine the bread for mold. Because if there's mold? I won't touch it with bare hands.

And yet...

I love bleu cheese...

And penicillin.

9) One of my favorite bloggers, Naked Jen, asked me to hang out with her the next time I'm in SLC. She didn't have to ask me twice. I'd love to give her the biggest, loveliest hug I've got stored. We've never met. And I love her.

10) At pig roasty goodness happy hour with the Jack of Fables tonight, I realized I don't actually hate anyone. Not anyone from my past or present. I either love you or I don't care. It sounds cliché but hate the sin, love the sinner...or just don't care at all. I don't put any energy into hate because...well...hate means someone's got power over me and I'm not about to turn power over me to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Most of you? Totally don't deserve it. Um...actually? None of you deserve it. But especially not someone I don't love.


Teresa said...

OMG.....You have to watch L Word and Queer as Folk. I loved both of them and would watch them all over again. Netflix has both! Just sayin.....

Diva said...

The opposite of love isn't hate; it's ambivalence. *smile*