Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fini Finis Finito

It's done.

One last attempt to shake some sense into a person I'd cared very much for was, again, ignored and so it's done. I'm done.

I realized I was hanging onto an ideal - admiring the potential and not the person (heh, imagine that, huh Divatologist? Huh, Peej?) - and, when I came to realize that and examined the person as they are I also realized I have no respect for him.

What remains is contempt...and pity without compassion.

So it's done. I'm done.

I may not have gotten the opportunity to say it to his face but I can say it here and I can say it via social media where a click of the "Unfriend" option speaks volumes.



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Diva said...

[pithy comment followed by something funny to ease any lingering pain, always followed by]