Monday, June 20, 2011

Face Plant 3-D

So I bought a new skirt.

Ankle-length, black (of course), pull on, and made entirely out of cotton t-shirt like material. I love it. It's like...wearing pajamas except no one knows I'm wearing pajamas because it's a cute skirt.

I like it so well, I decided I'd wear it to the club Saturday night.

And then I added gin. Uh...apparently more than I'd realized. Because, by the time Acr0nym was dutifully leading me out of the club and down the alley toward the car, I little stumbly.

So it should be no surprise to you that this Weeble Wobble got her sandal caught up in the hem of her skirt somehow (but she doesn't remember how) and two things happened:

1) The skirt pulled all the way down to my ankles and exposed my backside to all the alley world - which, of course, happened to be populated with at least 4 others in addition to Acr0nym, and

2) I got tripped up in the fabric and fell flat on my face, laughing the whole time.

I'm no worse for wear besides some scraped up palms and a bit of a bruised ego.

*sigh* But still...really, Jane? Really?!

I guess I must have been past due for my annual vacation spill.


MsSparrow said...

at least there was only 4 people in the alleyway! I fell backwards down the stairs on the smoking patio at Shelter once. There was definitely some exposure for me at that point too. *laugh*

zero hour said...

Oh man! And we missed it! dang! glad you're all right though...