Monday, June 27, 2011

Why You Gotta Be Like That?

You want to know what's terrifying?

I mean, besides Michele Bachmann actually running for president and having, you know, supporters who think she makes sense (Hello, Palin Re-loaded)?

It's watching a motorcyclist merge into the farmost left lane on I-25 at Yale while doing 70+mph and having an SUV bear down on them and then tailgate them for miles.

This is what I witnessed today.

The cyclist had been in front of me for a fair piece, driving safely, helmet on (I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman but the driver had long enough hair for it to be visible below the helmet). I was nearing my exit and was beginning to navigate my way over into the right hand lanes. She (we'll assume it was a woman since that was my first impression, k?) moved into the fast lane to pass slower traffic.

Out of nowhere, an SUV came barreling down the fast lane going at least 80 mph and I, at first, didn't believe the SUV driver saw the cyclist. I tensed up and audibly swore, begging the SUV driver to slow down. He didn't. Not until he was literally 2 feet from the rear wheel of the motorcycle. And then continued to follow at that distance for miles.


That cyclist was well within her right to be in that lane and was most certainly keeping up with the flow of traffic. The SUV driver had some kind of road rage burr up his butt and was deliberately trying to antagonize and intimidate.


The fact is it's summer in the city. There are cyclists - motor and otherwise - crawling all over the city. And guess what? They have every right afforded them under the law to be IN YOUR LANE!

So Mr. SUV Douche Canoe? Just stop it. Get over it. Get over yourself. Be safe. It's the law.

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Teresa said...

Friday night, I saw some motorcyclists in almost the same area headed northbound. They must have been doing at least 90 - 100 mph. One of them had a passenger on the back......and these were not cruising bikes. They were those crotch rockets I think they're called. They were weaving in and out of traffic driving quite recklessly. I fully expected to find them as mere morsels on the pavement as i continued my journey north. I call 911 hoping a cop could stop them before someone was killed.