Friday, July 29, 2011

Gin and Gabba-Gabba-Hey!

June 29 is over.

Monday, I'll be all over June 30. I've been hanging out on the 30th a little bit here and there as the pieces and parts of it trickle in but now that I've checkmarked those two little boxes in Setup->Company->Fiscal Periods to close the financial and purchasing modules for June, I'll be firmly ensconced on that last day of June come Monday and, in the back of my mind, I know I'm officially ALMOST THERE. At least, with the hard parts.

To celebrate, I've got my pajamas on and gin and juice in hand. Lex is gaming elsewhere tonight and I, being broke and physically broken, am reconciled to simply enjoying some nekkid Jane time alone with my thoughts. Except...right now I'm really missing Fables and our weekly happy hour time.

On an upnote! I did get to spend some meatspace time with someone I didn't feel like I knew very well but was very glad to get to know on Wednesday night. It's really nice to think you'd like to get to know someone better and then make time to actually get to know them and then find out that, yes indeed, you really do like them a lot.

Also, on another upnote? I got to have meatspace time including PIE! with Spux and Kelli yesterday. And that always makes me happy. Like...a lot. I told them yesterday they make time for me because I don't give them a choice *laugh*. Plus, strawberry-raspberry pie from my oven. Tomorrow it's (now, only a vague possibility due to some unforeseen defcon related circumstances *sigh*) pancakes at the Denver County Fair with them both. Maybe we'll find Spux a dwarf goat. w00t!

Recently, Lex and I signed our 4th...that's right, 4th! together. We decided last night that the reason why we're a great match for each other is because, while he and I speak two distinctly different native "languages" (I speak Emotion and he speaks Rational), we both speak the other language fluently. Which creates balance in our relationship and in our lives and allows us to communicate fully with each other - giving us the ability to point out the piece the other is missing.

As such, I'd like to remind all of us (me included), there are 3 sides to every story. Yours, his/hers, and the truth. This is precisely why, upon hearing my story, I want no one to take my side based on that story alone. It's perfectly acceptable to form an opinion but don't believe fully and act upon that opinion until you have all the pieces and parts. The only person I really need to take a side most of the time is Lex. And not always. He is my barometer for that Emotion language I speak. If he can rationalize what I'm feeling and still come up with a, "Yeah. He's a dick. 100%"? I know I'm not crazy and I know he's on my side. If I'm way off base, believe me, he'll set me straight.

Having said THAT, have you ever noticed it's the dicks who think they are so important that those they've spurned would actually care about their presence in social situations? Dude? Seriously. Get over yourself. If you're afraid to go out in public because you're afraid someone is going to treat you like you've treated them? Then start treating people better. Uh...just sayin'.

Having said THAT, are only as good as the company you keep.

Having said THAT, if the people you respect no longer have any respect for you? You're doing it wrong.

On another upnote? D will be here next weekend!!!! WOOO-HOOTY-HOOOOO!

Also? I love when Vinny is camped out, sound asleep, on the end of my bed on his blanket and, when I give him a sweet little stroke, he wakes up, blinks bleary-eyed at me, and then stretches his neck out and gives me a CHOMP to let me know who is boss. Mommy's little monster. Suh-weet.

Acr0nym might be courting other jobs soon. Please please please don't let him move away. And? If he has to? Please please please let him be able to negotiate a travel allowance for his BFF...whether he comes here or I go there (wherever there is). Seriously. Who will cart my ass around when I'm drunk and crying? Who will call him Daddy and make sure he's a creepy old man but not THAT creepy? I can't live without my Acr0nym!!! WAHHHHHH!

Kool and the Gang rocks my socks.

Objectively, observing fair weather friends is an interesting prospect. #facebook Do what you have to. I'll be over here. you.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is probably enough rambling with gin as I'm frankly comfortable with.

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