Monday, July 18, 2011

Point Break

I'm at it.

I'm taking a hiatus...from social media...from *gasp* blogging.

Just for a few days.

This weekend proved to me that what I actually need? Is human interaction. Not online. Not on the phone. Human interaction in meat space. Face time. Plain and simple.

If you want me? Call me.

If you don't have my number? E-mail me and ask for it. And then let's set up coffee, lunch (hi, Kyle! See you tomorrow!), a sit in at the park (I'd say a walk about the park but, ahem, plantar fasciitis word), a wine night, a happy hour.

Fables and me? Meat space. Every week.

Monkey and me? Meat space. Every week.

Acr0nym and me? Meat space. Every week...and when we don't? I miss him terribly.

Social media is awesome for those of you who live in Seattle (my beloved sister, Dayna, Shannan), or in North Carolina (what I wouldn't give for a confab with Gooch), or Wyoming, New York, Michigan, New Mexico, NEW ZEALAND, Brazil (I miss you so very you even know how many NPR and BBC stories we have to catch up on???) and every point in between (I'm looking at you, Naked Jen...even though we've never met).

Those of you who are here...meat space. OK? Is that too much to ask? Not every week. Certainly not. But hey. Can't we get out from behind our computer screens and just...I don't know...hang out?

What did we do in the age before the internet?

I'll tell you. It was Denny's. Shari's. The Coffee Cup. The White Spot. The Denver Diner. A back stoop/balcony/porch/patio.

It's the Church/Synagogue/Saturday Eventists of Brunch.


Anyone? I'll buy the bacon. Pinky swear.

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Diva said...

You're in my head again. S'okay, though, cuz I like it when you're in there. *smile*