Monday, October 31, 2011

Hoarding and a Bit of a Ramble


Long day. It's just before 8 and I've finally stopped going going going. I've been up and at it since 0 dark:30 and I'm fairly pooped out. Productive but wow! Am I ever going to sleep well tonight.

Tonight is Halloween proper. Never mind that I've already celebrated Halloween all weekend long. The kiddos apparently haven't and they are out in droves tonight. I blame the unusually balmy 55º weather (at the time of this writing). Several people I know have been commenting via social media about the shocking number of T&Ter's they've had this year. That's awesome! Especially because I live in a scary-looking building that is also secured and not one sound of my doorbell has been uttered.

Along those same lines...I believe I'm becoming a crotchety old lady. I'm super glad I don't have to deal with uttering incessant and insincere exclamations over the "cuteness" of kids in costumes. I'd much rather sincerely exclaim over the awesomeness that is my adult friends in cute costumes.

For friend, Spux, in the best costume ever (100% homemade and incorporating EL wire).

As an aside, that's Spux's cat, Lebowski, in a special cameo guest star appearance at :33. That cat totally abides. I love Spux's cats. He has 4. That is enough to get my kitteh orgy love on once a week.

One final note...tomorrow NaBloPoMo begins. And, as it turns out, I've signed up for the 3rd year in a row. I've been out of the habit of blogging daily for awhile now and I'm a bit doubtful that I'll have the ability to sustain daily blogging for the next 30 days. However, I'm going to give it my all since it's A) a tradition officially and B) I miss it. I'm hoping this will be just the kick in the pants I've needed and wanted to start blogging daily again.

As a consequence, I've been hoarding blog topics in preparation.

Be prepared for the onslaught.

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