Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So...Now What?

This is it.

This is the last post of NaBloPoMo and, while much of my growing audience are fellow bloggers, my other followers - hi, Mom! - aren't...most of them anyway. They're all probably really REALLY glad this is the last one. Namely so I'll stop blogging about blogging and get back to my regularly scheduled program of broadcasting Jane TVTM.

Confession: NaBloPoMo and the act of blogging every single day is not hard for me (don't hate on me please). Ever since I was bitten by the NaBloPoMo bug in 2009, I've managed to keep the momentum going for over two years. The last I checked, I average 7.2 blog posts per week. Not as prolific as Om Malik but I'm up there.

If you read (or re-read) last night's post, To Daily Blog or Not To Daily Blog...That is the Question, you'll notice much of it is written in the second person. I was talking to YOU, Lovely Readers, specifically to the You-Who-Blog. I already daily blog and that's not likely to change. I was spotty this spring and summer when my life was life was weird and felt as though it was falling apart and I was afraid to say anything much at all for fear of what might come out of my mouth that should not be uttered publicly. Generally speaking though, if you don't hear anything from me in 2-3 days, to quote the walrus from Ren & Stimpy, "Call the POL-EEEEEECE".

Honestly though, I never expected or necessarily wanted to get big or rich off blogging. I don't have a "brand" per se. I never gave it that much thought. Blogging is...blogging is like talking to my friends! It's a casual conversation  - yes, typically one-sided - but still a conversation. At least, that's how I see it for myself. I love doing it which is why it is likely to continue for (dare I say) years to come.

Confession: I have more to write than blog posts. Additionally, I actually have the time to write more than blog posts. I just...haven't yet.

Last year, after NaBloPoMo, I was looking for a new writing challenge. I found it in #reverb10. I'd link to #reverb10 but the website has morphed into something else so I'll just explain, as best I can. #Reverb10 was a writing challenge - daily prompts - through the month of December that reflected on the year just passed and an attempt to manifest what the participants wanted for the year to come.

There was a particular prompt - December 28: Achieve. What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

My answer is here.

Guess what didn't happen? That's right. I didn't birth those "babies".

I started to. Of course I did. But then life and insecurities, depression and distraction took hold and I, well, I just didn't write like I wanted to write...until now.

This year's NaBloPoMo along with the encouragement and attention I've received gave me back my writing Mojo.

As I thought back to my "girls" who were kicking, screaming, crying, and punching to be let out last year, I realized that one, in particular, deserved more than a short story. She most certainly deserved to manifest in more than a blog post.

And that's Bomb Betsy's story.

I don't call her Bomb Betsy just because she's The Bomb (even though she is). Bomb Betsy is also known as Bomb Betsy because of what she went through, survived and thrived through, more than 5 years ago...a terrorist bombing in Dahab, Egypt.

I have her story to tell. It's a magnificent, terrifying, uplifting, beautiful story. But...

I have several other stories to tell as well. All of them worthy of something bigger than a blog post.

It helps that I ran across this post today on BlogHer about the power of copy editing (that was my take away anyway). It helps that I've been following Love, Your Copyeditor by Ray Gunn for awhile now. It helps to know that, even though my posts aren't edited, there are still many MANY people reading - more than I would have ever suspected - and enjoying how I write.

I CAN write. I DO write. And, what I don't think to correct is correctable by others...if I'm willing to put it out there for others to consider and correct.

So...that's my NaBloPoMo now what. I'm ready. To move beyond.

I think.


Mandy said...

If the stories I've read this week are any indication, I'd love to hear more. (Hi, I'm Mandy, by the way. I completely lurked on your site this week, and am now dropping in to give you a Liebster. Yes, I realize it's kinda creepy. Sorry 'bout that.)

Teresa said...


annie said...

moving on is good. because of blogging I ended up on a number of other web venues and am now exploring free lancing. no hurry though. think and branch out as you see opportunities.

alienbody said...

I've got my coffee. I've got my whipped cream. I'm ready to read! Bring. It. ON!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to go on the record as saying that I'll read whatever you write. I'll even stand in a ridiculously long line at the bookstore when the time comes, just to get a fresh-off-the-presses copy and if you happen to be at the table signing copies, all the better.

Jenn and Casey said...

So glad you finished that post, so I didn't have to recind my CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can't wait to see what December brings for you, I'll be reading!