Thursday, December 01, 2011

Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

It's the first of the month!

And that means it's time to play #YouFoundMeHow?! - the monthly wrap up project proposed and perpetuated by Geekin' Hard - where I get to tell you of the weirdest searched keywords that brought those seeking wisdom to this infinitely wise place.

Note: I think I play this game a bit differently than our friend, Geekin' Hard. I believe he's actually listing his most searched keyword results for the month. I, however, just go through and pick my favorite three - you know, the three that make me go hmmmm.

Note 2: Also awesome in that wow-that-makes-me-say-hmmm-I'm-really-old? This video came out before there was such a thing as the www or keyword searches or blogs. You're welcome.

OK! Here are my favorite 3 from the month:

1) Wool condoms.
Yes, I know why that got them here but I'm just curious...why would anyone be searching for wool condoms? I hope they weren't serious because...itchy.

2) Midol is not strong enough.
No, no it's not. I completely agree. But it was certainly strong enough for Lex.

3) Weenie babies recipe.
Um...wait...what? I know I mentioned weenie babies letting my cat play with a gag gift (little frog/big erection and yes that linked post up there has pictures of it...don't click through if this will offend you) but I don't ever recall talking about cooking one up for supper.

Oddly, I'm still trending on oz/luke perry full frontal nudity, snot/green snot/boy snot, and several different variations of penis.

*shrug* The internetz are weird.

EDITED TO ADD: Please feel free to play along. You can twitter your entry to @janeymcjanerson and @GeekinHard to make sure we see it. Do it! It's fun!

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