Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jane In Her Infinite Jerkdom

I feel like such a big, fat, juicy jerk face.

Jerky. Jerkmeister. Jerkster. Jerk-a-licious. Her Highness the Jerk Face Supreme (hold the mushrooms).


Because long after I'd posted last night's blog entry about all my wonderfully talented friends and family - slept soundly and then worked all day today - it dawned on me that, if I'm going to give special shout outs to a number of my lovelies, especially those who are quite possibly literally starving artists, I might not want to forget one in particular.

Jane, you ignorant slut.


In order to (hopefully) redeem myself, I'd like to take a special opportunity to tell you about Zero Hour! - the infamous Patty Leidy.

Patty as drawn by Patty and shamelessly stolen from her blog. Hopefully this isn't the face she was making after reading last night's post.

Patty is a cartoonist, painter, all-around artist, and collector of fabulously retro toys (y'all should see her PEZ collection!). Her work is fun, whimsical, and, of late, liberally peppered with nipples of the female variety (if paintings of women and their nipples offend you, you probably can just stop right here). She is the featured cartoonist at We Be Girls - an online rag for women. She does commissioned pieces and also draws cartoons as a favor to her friends (*sigh*).

Jane as drawn by Patty
She's also unemployed - one of the first victims of this lousy economy three years ago and hindered by a back injury that doesn't allow her to stand on her feet for long periods. She depends on income from her art to see her through month after month while filling out application after application to try and find a job.

So, you see? That's why I'm a Jerk Face Galore.

While Patty would live the dream of Full-Time Artist - and sort of is without choice - right now, until the economy picks up or she miraculously finds a job - art is her only choice.

It's either that or sell off the PEZ collection. And no one wants to read about that (except she totally is selling it off *double sigh*).

To learn more about Patty:

Visit her blog (there are nipples)
Visit We Be Girls
Visit her Tumblr site - Patty Leidy Paints! (and other stuff) - where she lists art for sale (there are nipples)


danneromero said...

i think patty will redeem you. great post asking forgiveness...

i will check out her site. sounds interesting.

thanks for sharing jane.

Jenn and Casey said...

I think you are a great friend! I'm gonna check 'em both out, and send good juju into the universe for them!

cdnkaro said...

I've so done stuff like this. Wonderfully redeeming though, and wow is she talented! Checked out all her sites. Ian and I (well, more me) have a thing where (almost) all the artwork in our home is original, by people we know. When there's cashflow again I will get in touch with Patty for a piece, I think! Love the style

zero hour said...

thanks gang..more to come! yer sweet jane , hugs hugs..ohhh nipples!

Gaelyn said...

How come no nipples in your drawing. Will check out her site.

TangledLou said...

Yer a jerk. Just kidding. It is wonderfully redeeming that your friend can have this tremendous talent to make use of while things are tough.

TangledLou said...

I didn't read all of the comments before I wrote mine and now I see that cdnkaro has also written "wonderfully redeeming". Two things: 1. That is so freaky and awesome!
2. I swear I didn't copy!

cdnkaro said...

:) ya sure, S. Stauss! :p

Frances D said...

Awesome tribute to your friend. I'm heading over to her site now.
And you're not a jerkface - you're a pretty pretty sweetie pie face ;)

Masked Mom said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. I have a theory that as we get older, our brains get full and stuff starts falling out from time to time. At least you're still remembering to pick up that stuff and put it back in. ;)