Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vacation Station Identification

I'm having one of those awesome fantasy housewife vacations, yo (why I just said yo, I cannot say).

You know that one where I get to sit around in my pajamas all day, snacking on Dove dark chocolate, and playing on the computer and then the non-husband comes home after working all day, cooks supper and does the dishes? Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. I'm fairly certain Acr0nym doesn't realize I'm here...yet...

Mostly because I'm staying extra specially quiet (no small feat) while attempting to pretend I'm not actually here. If Acr0nym notices I'm here, he may tell me to leave.

Besides, there's no tiara in this fantasy and you can't really hate me if I don't have a tiara, right?

Heh. Now he's getting ready to start laundry! Can this get any more awesome?! OK, well it'd probably be particularly awesome if he was doing my laundry but since I don't let anyone handle my underthings, it would be hard for him to do my laundry so I'll just relish the fact that he's doing his own laundry as I sit here...quietly.


He noticed me. It was likely all the hummus I ate for lunch. You know how that goes:
Beans, beans
The magical fruit.
The more you eat,
The more you toot.

Mental note: Next time you stay at someone's house as a guest, Jane - particularly one who will wait on you - refrain from the offer of the bean dip. It's a trap. A little like a bell around a cat's neck.


How I've thus far spent my Birthday Vacation:

I arrived at Acr0nym's safe and sound Sunday afternoon at which point we shopped for my vacation snax and wine and all manner of thrift store goodies because we could. Before you yell at me, yes, I know I have spelled snax incorrectly. However, you should also understand, sometimes words need to be misspelled for emphasis. Don't argue. Save your breath. I'm not listening. La-la-la-la I can't hear you!


The rest of Sunday and all day Monday was spent catching up with all my blogging friends. I laughed. I grimaced. I guffawed. And sometimes I cried...for the deaths of loved ones, for the death of a beloved cat, for the death of relationships. Emotions were all over the map and I was simply along for whatever ride came next chronologically. It was a trip well-worth taking but, I must confess, I'm glad the roller-coaster cars have come to a complete stop and the safety bars raised because by the time I went to bed (or the couch as it were) last night, I was exhausted.

Of note, this falling into slumber was precluded by Whirley Pop popcorn and two blissfully intense episodes of Game of Thrones. I've read the book, I just hadn't seen all the episodes yet.

Today was spent working in earnest on the new podcast.

Photo and mics provided by Acr0nym. Mosaic skull provided by Jive Turkey

We have a name! And a domain! And a logo in progress! And topics for the first half dozen episodes! We have original theme music and enthusiastic guests and snax! We have snax, by gum! We've tested audio and re-tested audio and tested audio some more (thank you, Jive Turkey, for braving the microphone for said tests) and then tested compression.

We have the first recording with guests scheduled for this coming Saturday. One guest informed me she's already picked out her outfit and "hawt" shoes for said recording. I said, "Honey, you know no one is going to see your shoes, right?"

Her response was the best ever! She said, "You know how you're supposed to put a smile in your voice when you're being recorded? Hawt shoes put a smile in my voice. So does talking about food while naked."

Thankfully, we won't be talking about food for the inaugural episode...uh...I don't think. For the record, naked food talk isn't a bad thing in my book. I just want to keep my audio engineer, Acr0nym, focused on the task at hand and I'm not sure he can stay focused if we're talking about food. Especially if Alton Brown gets mentioned.

Tomorrow is even more work on the podcast. I need to do some work deciding on format and more work on the initial scripting - not for the panel discussion but for the introduction and credits. We've also concluded I ought to do an episode zero to introduce the podcast and what kind of content I intend to include rather than try to do all that in episode one so I need to come up with something for that.

And then! Tomorrow night, we'll be heading down to a local pub where Devo Was Right spins each Wednesday night. This isn't something I can normally do during my work week since a 5 a.m. rise time is not conducive to staying out past 9 p.m. Thus, I'm taking full advantage of my ability to stay up late and go gallivanting about town to see my friends do what it is THEY love for once.


Additional events scheduled: my weekly coffee klatch date with Spux, a comedy club adventure, a night out with geekery friends, the podcast recording and subsequent dance club fun (maybe...we'll see if I'm up to it), and a birthday gathering for Devo Was Right.

Somewhere in there, I hope, there will be cake. Just for me. Because mmmmm...cake.


Unknown said...

I think you could become a vacation consultant. If vacations are time for us to fulfill some dreams, you are on track bigtime!
Go Janey!

cdnkaro said...

Sounds lovely- I second the 'vacation consultant' comment. Also? How did you manage to capture so perfectly the life of a housewife? I'm in awe :D Enjoy! And my wish for you is TWO cakes. I'm make you one myself, if I lived closer:)

Just Jane said...

I'm kind of partial to this kind of vacation. I've never had it quite this good before (possible exception: the cruise but even then I had to travel to get the experience) and don't know how I managed it this time other than having the good fortune to have Acr0nym know and like me.

Just Jane said...

cdnkaro: And thank you for the offer of closer cake :).

zero hour said...

I'm really sad..there was NO mention of BACON in any of this..what kinda vacation is it with no BACON mentioned.. and cheese..... o.k bacon and cheese...and maybe a little slice of lovely cheesecake...o.k , I'm done... soooo.. BACON, check... Cheese..check...
CheeseCAKE.. check...


Gaelyn said...

He cooks, cleans and does laundry. So what IS wrong with him?

Your podcast project is really coming along. One of you is a good organizer.

Yes, vacation consultant sounds like a good job for you.

I'll eat farther away cake for you.

ACR0NYM said...

Heh, mostly, I'm socially retarded....

Ernie Hendrix said...

We always said it as:

Bean, beans
Good for your heart
The more you eat
The more you fart

But you are obviously more cultured than we were!! {grin}

True vacations (and sinful food) are the most wonderful things ever. Enjoy yours.

(Ms.) Ernie