Monday, January 16, 2012

15 Pet Peevery Lane

Occasionally, when conversation turns toward the possibility of purchasing a house, Lex and I weigh the pros and cons of staying in The Grotto until we are financially positioned to buy something of our very own.

Generally, the pros column far outweighs the cons column. We love our neighborhood in the heart of the City, we love our neighbors, we love living within cabbing distance of just about anywhere we'd want to go for a martini or three. We even love living in an apartment so aptly named The Grotto. How many can say they live in a grotto like rabbits?

However, there is always ALWAYS one issue firmly planted in the Con category.


Our living arrangement does not include any off-street parking. There are no garages, no carports, no designated spaces. It is street parking only in a neighborhood full of other apartment houses all fighting for limited parking.

And, let me just say, I can often be found ranting loudly about terrible parking etiquette...usually directed at a driver hogging two spaces because he found it too much trouble to pull up 4 feet, in effect, adding two extra steps from car to front door and, instead, centers his vehicle with the building entrance without regard to the delicate parking balance in the 'hood.

But this isn't about parking etiquette.

About a week ago, I came home from work, found a decent parking space on the block just west of our house, made sure I gave the car in front of me enough room to be extracted without too much grief but pulling up close enough to allow for two more cars behind me. And then I went into my apartment for the night.

The next day, I went out to make a run to the grocery store and discovered someone had keyed my car - both driver's side door panels - deep enough to scratch gouge through to the space-age plastic.


I was pretty hot under my collar. Because really? Wow. Why? Clearly, I'd angered someone to the point that they'd destroy personal property but I hadn't done anything wrong! Not even slightly!

I let it go though. I realized I drive a 10-year-old car and am grateful I do especially when something like this happens. I decided it wasn't a personal affront and that, no matter the reason, this person's aggression wasn't about me.

And then...

Two days later, it snowed and, in the process of brushing the snow off my car, I discovered the passenger side doors - both of them - had been gouged with the same intensity and hate.

All of a sudden, it started to feel VERY personal.

I had apparently done something so heinous to someone that they would deliberately cause a thousand dollars' (at least) worth of damage to my property.

Not only did this hurt my feelings, the very nature of this passive-aggressive attack against me angered me. If there's a problem, confront me - knock on my door, leave me a note explaining your issue, give me a call. Do something productive to call my attention to this perceived slight I've dealt. Don't just act out in a vicious, physically and financially damaging way to get your point across, assuming I've acted out of malice and retaliating accordingly.

Because I'm not malicious. And, for the life of me, I can't figure out what I might have done to provoke someone into such incredibly mean action.

Why can't we all just get along?!

Inconsiderate, mean people. Sheesh.

This entry written in response to the GBE2 prompt Pet Peeves...of which I have several.


MsSparrow said...

I have had my car keyed before and we later discovered that it was just some kids being assholes. I'm much more inclined to think that this was done by some mean spirited asshole than being a personal attack against you. No matter the reasoning though, this is a shitty thing to do to anyone and it makes me sad that this happened to you at all let alone more than once.

k~ said...

Mean people do suck.

Lelly said...

Wow, what the fuck?
That's screwed up.

Jo said...

I truly get furious over intentional property damage. I don't care what the reason, I will never understand how anyone can justify causing damage to someone's property.
I am sorry this happened to you and know that karma will see that the one responsible will be dealt a worse hand.

pbquig said...

Property destruction goes beyond a "peeve" and there is something serious wrong with someone who engages in it for whatever reason.

I hope this person has moved on and your car will live many more years.

Lucy said...

I have never understood this concept of keying a car. I think it is shitty that someone is doing this to you and I agree with the other commenters, that chances are the person or persons doing this are doing it for their own twisted kicks and that is beyond weird.
As far as buying a house, do it when you are totally comfortable because it is a commitment that is long lasting and comes with its own set of issues, for better or worse!

cdnkaro said...

What a terrible thing to do! So sorry to hear it:( We've had that happen to us once before as well, at our first apartment. As for pet peeves in general, I have a list a mile're not alone!

Unknown said...

Dern it! Sorry this happened, my dear. I'm sure it was random stupidity, but it hurts nonetheless.

You want I should take him out? (Perhaps I've been reading too much Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter.)

Gaelyn said...

Wow! Get it off your chest girl. This vacation is loosening you up. But really, Don't take it personally. Did you look at adjacent cars for key vandalism? If you're OK, you're OK. But there's a LOT of people out there that aren't OK.

danneromero said...

That's a tough one... Not knowing why the damage was made or who it was. I agree, leave a note. Makes more sense and is so much more mature.

Patti said...

Inconsiderate, mean people suck. Hate that it happens.

Celeste Neumann said...

That is truly cowardly, and unfortunately, I know too many people like that (no, I don't call them friends - they really don't have any friends). For me, the epitome of cowardness is to attack and destroy the personal belongs of someone else, then deny you did it; saw it; or know anything about it. The sole comfort is the knowledge, that said persons live in the constant fear that when something of theirs breaks, someone "is doing it on purpose" to them, even if it happens by accident.

Judy said...

Some people are just mean spirited. And as I said in a prior blog of mine - - mean people suck!!

Mojo Writin said...

Sounds like someone who was very bored and decided your 'elderly' car was an affront so they keyed it. I hope you catch 'em at it and give 'em what for!

ElaineLK said...

That is awful. I hate, hate, hate willful destruction of property. I agree that this may just be some random act by some punk (of any age) who gets off on being destructive. Do you have insurance that will cover the repairs?

Anonymous said...

What a jackwagon.

PS: My CAPTCHA word is "fulpyzed." I think that might be what happened to your car.

Angie said...

Some people are just senseless. On the bright side, at least it was your car and not personal damage. That could have turned out much more costly. I hope they're done with messing with your car though.

Masked Mom said...

My oldest son's girlfriend's vehicle had the B-word scratched into it down to bare metal once. I just don't understand what kind of person can sustain rage for long enough to do that kind of damage. It's frightening.

The Host said...

I... just don't get why someone would do that. Though it still sucks, I hope it is kids doing it for the larfs. Because the thought of an adult doing it over a parking spot is more frightening.

Brenda Stevens said...

i concur with Pam..pray they MOVE ON, lesson learned, and nevah..let them steal your new found JOY!