Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vacation. I'm On It.

My 40th birthday is Friday, the 20th. Less than a week away.

That's a pretty big deal in my opinion. I'm trying to embrace it, to be proud of it but my little pep talks haven't really worked. So, a few months ago when I began to contemplate the end of my 30's, I thought if I could do something over-the-top fantabulous perhaps I'd get past the knowledge that I'm aging and the fact that I'm not doing it quite as gracefully as I'd like.

Unfortunately, Common Sense - that rat bastard - stepped in and ungraciously reminded me that, since I'm chest-deep in debt reduction, money's tight. I didn't feel like I could take a big trip - although a 40th birthday road trip plan is still in preliminary talks between me and Acr0nym for later in the spring - and certainly not to Europe. I didn't have $5,000 on hand to spend on a blowout party. I didn't have extra cash to purchase something especially nice for a camera or a new laptop (this one is over 6 years old...keep your fingers crossed it doesn't bleed out on me anytime soon).

What I did have though was a little vacation time coming to me.

So...I'm on vacation. For a week - 9 days.

I'm not going anywhere in particular. There won't be beaches or bikinis or foreign accents. There won't be stamps on my passport or any worries about currency exchange rates. Instead, there will be hours upon hours spent in my most comfy pajamas. There will be naps. There will be a crap ton of boxed wine. I might even have a shot of Bailey's or Kahlua in my coffee each morning. There will be writing, writing, and more writing.

Friday night, I slept for 11 hours straight and only got out of bed when my back decided it'd had enough of my craptacular (and yet, free!) mattress. The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, doing laundry, and parking myself in front of the television for 5 hours watching the Super-Duper Extra-Special Edition of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. No really. 5 hours. It was a good day.

Now, I'm getting ready to head up to Acr0nym's house in a minute for a few days and nights. He won't be home for most of it. I'm not going up there to spend time with him per se anyway. I'm going up there to rid myself of dishes, laundry, our back room requiring some much needed sorting and organizing attention. I'm going up there to avoid the distraction of Vinny's litter box and Lex's inquiries into "what's for supper?".

I'm going up there to write, to rest, to work on the podcast and the blog re-design - yes, I'm re-designing and moving the blog off Blogger and onto a self-hosted site using a different blogging software. I've taken time off my paying job so that I can spend quality time on the other job I love.

I've taken time off my paying job to rest and re-charge.

I've taken time off my paying job to turn 40.

Vacation. I'm on it. For 7 1/2 more days.


Anonymous said...

Happy (early) birthday! Forty is the year of courage, growth, and unbridled joy. Savor every delicious bit of it.

Kelly Robinson said...

May I be among the first to wish you a happy 40th? It sounds like you have exactly the right idea. Wine, relaxation --maybe a bubble bath?

cdnkaro said...

HAppy early birthday, Jane! I love the way you've chosen to celebrate- productive, regenerating, relaxing...all at once! Have a fantabulous week! p.s. What's 'vacation'? I want one- sounds heavenly.

Gaelyn said...

All Right! Good for you. Time enjoying life is the best gift to self receive. I love my winters off in my jammies not leaving the house for days followed by dear friend who whisks me off for a fun filled day thrift shopping/looking.

40, hrmph. You're not even to the half way point. Hope you're taking care of this body. ;) With certain amounts of libations and excessive fun thrown in.

Good luck with the podcast, which I hope to see on your new website.

Hope you're spring road trip brings you my way. We'll have another party. My 58th in March.

Have a Happy Birthday!
or, a bad one if you choose.

Lucy said...

Enjoy your Birthday vacation!

I completely understand EVERYTHING you are feeling. I did not celebrate my 40th birthday. Matter of fact, since I have turned 40, I do very little for my birthday. My family treats me very special on my day. No 'mom' stuff, and I get a cake and some gifts, very low key but nice and they make feel special BUT they know I don't age gracefully so they KNOW not to make it a big deal. I am 46 and trust me, they better ignore my 50th because,well, like I said, I don't age well LOL.

Once again, enjoy your week, and I get it, I get it well!!!

Masked Mom said...

I'm thinking I need to request some vacation time in February. I have SO much built up and never want to "waste" it just sitting around, but right now, this sounds like EXACTLY what I need.

Masked Mom said...

And PS--Happy birthday!!!!!! 40 is in my rearview mirror, but not so far back there that I don't remember how HUGE it looked coming up in the windshield.

TangledLou said...

Happy birthday, Jane! 40 is the new 30, dontcha know? Sounds like a perfect sort of celebration. Enjoy your vacation. I'm with cdnkaro - what is this "vacation" and how does it work?

Ernie Hendrix said...

Enjoy your time off from the real world. Indulge yourself, pamper yourself, do whatever you want to do and savor your time alone. We all need that sometimes even if it isn't a birthday!

(Ms.) Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio

Unknown said...

Jane, Your vacation sounds lovely to me. Happy birthday!Honestly, 40 was great for me and I'm betting it will be for you. You're just getting into your PRIME!
The news about your blog and podcasts is exciting-- looking forward to the big reveal!