Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pod Person

I am one...

Or will be shortly.

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I am starting up a podcast.


Well...the story goes a little something like this...

Acr0nym: You should totally do a podcast.
Jane: Why?
Acr0nym: Because it would be fun!
Jane: But I don't have anything to talk about on a podcast.
Acr0nym: Sure you do! You blog every day, yeah?
Jane: Yeah but...that's different.
Acr0nym: No, it's not. It'd be great! AND! I have all the equipment to record and edit a podcast.

So I think about it. And then Owen's birthday party happened and I realize I have interesting people in my life who are funny, irreverent, smart, informed...did I mention 100% irreverent about, well, everything?


So, I went back to Acr0nym and agreed to do a podcast.

And then?

Then he went on a shopping spree for equipment.

Jane: I thought you said you had everything we'd need for a podcast?
Acr0nym: Well, I did. But this stuff will make it better, nicer, more professional. [Acr0nym is a gear head but not about cars. No, no. Electronics gear head. He can't stop.]
Jane: Ah. OK. So...what should we talk about in the podcast?
Acr0nym: OH! Well now see, I don't care about any of that. It's prolly gonna suck no matter what you talk about.
Jane: But you were the one who said I should do a podcast!!!
Acr0nym: Oh yeah. I know. And you totally should! Because Dave Winer is your secret boyfriend. [?!] But I don't actually care what you talk about. I just want to play with the podcast technology and needed an excuse to upgrade my equipment.



So, I'm getting a podcast for my birthday. And, no matter what Acr0nym says, it's going to be AWESOME! Because I'm awesome and I have a face for radio and I have a voice for radio (which is a laugh riot if you know me and know what I do for a living) and I also have fabulous, incredible, irreverent friends...a lot of them...who have mercifully agreed to star in podcasts with me, your Infinitely Wise *cough* host.

Stay tuned.


Lucy said...

Can't wait and I have been thinking about doing one too. I have done some Youtube videos but haven't attempted the Podcast, so can't wait to see or hear how it goes for you! Just be you and have fun, it should be great!!

Laine Griffin said...

AWESOMEBALLZ!!! I've done some podcasting. Although we haven't recorded since November. I can't wait to hear it.
Mine is

Michael said...

I'm not totally sure what a podcast is. I know it's an audio broadcast over the internet but I don't know what the pod part is. I'm looking forward to hearing yours and what you have to say! (I hope you don't quit writing though)

Gaelyn said...

Very cool. I did a podcast at work. So with your birthday coming up and that huge Ball you're planning should be the perfect opportunity to podcast.

TangledLou said...

What fun! What fun! And brave. I sound like Walter Mondale in any recording. No.
Can't wait to see your emergence as a Pod person.

cdnkaro said...

I second S. Stauss here- that's incredibly brave! Don't know if I could do it...can't wait to hear your Pod person debut:)

Just Jane said...

I think it'll be a blast! I haven't even tried to master YouTube videos so I'm lucky Acr0nym volunteered to do the actual hard stuff.

Just Jane said...

Yay! I'll definitely check it out!

Just Jane said...

The "pod" part was derived from iPod. Podcasts are broadcasts that can be downloaded to a computer, iPod, flash drive, etc. and then listened to offline.

And I won't stop writing! You can take that statement to the bank :).

Just Jane said...

Fun! The birthday week is shaping up to be very quiet. It's a good thing. But there will be a podcast recording to be sure.

Just Jane said...

HA! Wow! Walter Mondale's voice? I have Andy Rooney's eyebrows. I like your old man affliction better.

Just Jane said...

I don't know how brave it is. I'm mostly expecting it to be kinda awesomely silly and possibly embarrassing. But it's going to be a hoot no matter what.

alienbody said...

I need stuff to listen to while exercising! Yay!

Masked Mom said...

Looking forward to the pod person debut. I can't stand the sound of my own recorded voice playing back at me so I know I'll never be podded.