Sunday, February 05, 2012

I Haven't Blogged Since Thursday?!

The last 3 days have been a complete time suck.

I have no idea where I've been.

OK, yes, I do. I've been buried alive under 2 feet of snow and, somehow, that translates into falling off the internet...mostly.

Thursday night and most of the day Friday, I was occupied by Noodle. I don't know exactly how I came up with that particular identity for him but, for now, he's Noodle. I'm sure you'll get used to it. He arrived late. We cuddled. There was much laughter. There was some hanky sans panky. And he stayed until he had to go to work on Friday afternoon.

There were no shaving casualties.

The rest of my time has been spent working on the podcast and either digging my car out of its cave or worrying about digging my car out of its cave.

After 24 hours of melt time, it was still thigh deep on the passenger side.

The crater my car left when we finally got it excavated. That's Brad with the shovel.
Almost the moment it stopped snowing yesterday - 40 hours after it had begun - I went out, snow brush in hand, to survey the situation. I'd felt confident - gleeful - when I'd chosen my on-street parking spot Thursday afternoon before the first flake flew. I got the spot right on the corner of Walk/Don't Walk so that no one could park behind me and block me completely in *ahem*.

I did not take into account the fact that the City of Denver would do something quite so absurd as plow side streets during the storm. Nor did I take into account that this particular spot is a bit unprotected from the wind and drifting snow.

So, what I was confronted with yesterday afternoon, snow brush in hand, was a snow drift - 3 feet deep - on the passenger side of my car, a 2-foot plowed wall of ice chunks on the driver's side, and 2 feet of heavy, wet snow piled high atop every surface.

I set about to clean off the car itself anyway, laughing maniacally to myself the entire time thinking, " least the windows will be clear so I can see I'm not going anywhere from the inside."

It took about an hour.

Today then, I set back out to see about getting out of that forsaken space. Except this time, I posted on Facebook what I was doing and specifically called out my neighbor, #himself, to either point and laugh or come help.

Bless him and modchen. They came out, shovel in hand, and helped.

And then? Miracle of miracles! Brad - 2nd oldest friend in my virtual rolodex - cheerfully walked up and announced that he'd seen my post on Facebook and came over to lend his experienced, Wyoming-bred hands to the task.

It took less than an hour and we had Jane's Infinitely Wise, Reliable, Respectable car freed from its snow prison cell.

Thank you, nice neighbors and friends!

So...that's been the excitement of my weekend. And, just in case you're worried that there will be no podcast, I include these two little itty bitty sound bytes for your sampling pleasure. Mostly because I can.

The first is Diva. It is safe for work.

The second is Peej. It is most definitely not safe for work unless you've got headphones.

FYI: The first episode of the podcast is about self-image and self-esteem. Just in case you couldn't tell.

That's it for now! Ciao!

PS Except...Also? I can't make this stuff up. True life conversation between me and Lex just now when I caught him wearing his boxer shorts, old man black socks, and wrapping a bath towel around his waist:

Jane: That's about the cutest thing ever.
Lex: What?
Jane: You in your old man socks, boxers, and towel getting ready to get in the bath.
Lex: All that's missing is the sock suspenders.
Jane: At which point you'd totally let me take a picture of your feet, right?
Lex: No.
Jane: Why not? No one can identify you by your socked feet, you know.
Lex: Right but my feet have soles and everyone knows that photographs steal souls. My feet have souls...uh soles...uh...too. Keep away from the soles of my feet.

PPS I'm afraid to look at how many unread posts are in my feed reader.


Anonymous said...

You have cool friends. Must be because you're a cool friend. I doubt that I'm the only one wanting a Noodle picture. You know that, right?

Oh, and just in time for Valentine’s Day, please clickety click for your award. :O)

Ernie Hendrix said...

Ah, freedom. Having your car rescued by friends. I HATE being car-less, even if I'm not going anywhere. Glad you got rescued.

Noodle sounds like a just right name. And Lex sounds like a lot of fun. Glad to know he's soul/sole conscious.

(Ms.) Ernie

Gaelyn said...

Looks like you weren't the only one buried. Good thing you have nearby friends with shovels. Can tell I'm going to like this podcast. Already like Diva and Peej. Hope you found a parking place when you came back.
Also looking forward to a pic of Noodle.

Masked Mom said...

Oh the Pod Tease!!!!!!

Love the sole-less feet and the shovellers to the rescue and don't worry about those unread posts--you'll get there when you get there. (Or not and it'll still be okay.) ;)

cdnkaro said...

That was we are all left salivating, awaiting *oh-so-patiently* this podcast:) Also, I second Word Nerd's comment about a picture, especially now that the nickname "Noodle" has been given...I'm very curious.

It amuses me when you fall behind on your posts- I can follow how quickly you are reading them because my phone will notify me there's a comment on a post, and it's you. Then an hour or so later, there's a comment on the next post I made. You tend to slow down a bit at mealtime-lol.

Is that weird? TMI?

Lucy said...

You are just enjoying your budding romance, ENJOY IT!!!

What great neighbors and friends but I have a feeling it speaks to you too.

Boy, you did get a lot of snow.

Thanks for the tease, LOL.
Oh,and my reader gets filled a lot, I just do my best and jump around and grab a few blogs here and there to catch up, sometimes, you just have to let it go. But not mine, all of mine are great (sarcasm, that was written with sarcasm).

TangledLou said...

You have very nice friends. I should look into that friend-having thing.
Yay for Noodle-hanky-no-panky-weekends!

Frances D said...

If only the subway stopped in Denver this big girl would have helped shovel too.
Waving at you from NYC

Laine Griffin said...

You have the best friends EVAH!
Can't wait to listen to the pod teases. I have to wait until I can find my headphones because if I move from here and start digging it will wake up my house (i.e. baby). And if I listen to it without headphones it will wake up the house (i.e. baby), and I'm just not ready for her yet.