Thursday, February 02, 2012

Of Snow, Leg Hair, Anxiety, Blue Mondays, and New Other Words, Hello, Brain Dump

It's snowing.

We're expecting to receive 12-24" in the next 36 hours or so. That doesn't seem like much if you're from, say, Cordova, Alaska whose residents scoff at a piddly 1-2 feet but, for Denver, this amount of snow in one snowfall is relatively rare.

My employer has closed our offices for tomorrow. That doesn't excuse me from working - I have the ability to occasionally work from home - but it does mean work will be performed at my leisure and while wearing pajama pants. This makes me happy. I wish I could work while wearing pajama pants all the time. Luckily, I have several pair if the offer ever gets made to telecommute full time.

This also means I don't have to be up at my normal ohmygawdthat'searly time of 5 a.m. To celebrate, I've had a nap and coffee...and I've also invited a certain someone over - someone who works nights - to come cuddle up with me on the couch whereupon I will force him to watch Groundhog Day with me...over and over (well, OK, at least once) until it's well into the early morning hours.

Don't worry. I've already said there can be hanky but no panky. At least, not yet. Especially since my sinuses are still draining generously thanks to the miracle of St. Jude at Qing Ting Acupuncture.

It's surprisingly quiet in my head tonight.

Perhaps it's because the snow is laying a blanket over my anxiety, telling it to hush. Maybe it's because I know I'm about to be excusably house-bound for a couple of days...maybe Acr0nym is right and I do have mild agoraphobia. Whatever the reason, it's peculiar and most welcome.

I would just like to point out that, in the event you find yourself thinking you've had a terrible day, likely it's not included a toddler covered in poop. My blog friend (although I consider her more than that), cdnkaro, recently had the worst possible Monday I can even begin to imagine. I wanted to send her a massage - like...a lot...after reading her post. At least, she got to have a few moments alone with some wine toward the end of it.

I've finally felt well enough to begin reviewing the raw audio files of the first podcast episode. I'm having difficulty figuring out what to cut because, to my subjective ear, all of it sounds brilliant. Y'all, I'm going to apologize in advance but, I think this first episode may be longer than an hour o_O.

Also, because of last night's post and subsequent comment from Word Nerd, I purchased the domain Can you believe it was actually available?! I couldn't. I snapped it up. Of course, now that means, in addition to developing for the podcast, figuring out what to do with, and updating and moving, I now have another domain to play know, in all my spare time. Still...thanks, Word Nerd. You are absolutely right in your assessment of that title.

Now, if you'll forgive both the rambling and the abrupt departure, I have to go attempt to shave my legs. After several months of no imminent hanky or panky, I'm out of practice.

This should be interesting.


Gaelyn said...

Sure hope you don't use a razor blade. OMG. I believe in take it like I am, which is hairy legged. Just too much trouble.

Enjoy you snowbound time. Hope you're stocked up.

Anonymous said...

I love that you'll be penning bourbon and shame!!! Now I need a cool alter-blog. makes me weirdly happy, so maybe that's a clue as to what to do for the next one.

I have a couple already:, on which I'd planned to write a bunch of stuff about how curly girls can learn to love their hair. After all, I (finally!) did.

To date, I've done nada with that one. Many years ago, one of the newspaper columns I wrote was a weekly titled "Kidbits." It was a bunch of stuff for and about local kids and I thought I might blog a kid and family friendly thingie.

To date, I've done nada with that one.

Notice a pattern emerging?

Anonymous said...

It's true. Sometimes, when it seem pretty crappy, I have to remind myself that I should never again have to deal with an adult, a toilet, and several walls, covered in poop. Then my computer job looks way better.

cdnkaro said...

Haha, thanks for the shout-out! I love your domain name and am kinda jealous. I need a good one because 'four under 4' isn't completely accurate anymore. I'm open to suggestions! Despite panky, my legs are not a pretty sight in the Winter months. Come on now, who has the time to deal with that all year round?

'Groundhog Day' is simultaneously one of the most obnoxious movies ever and a compulsory watch every single year. It baffles me why I feel compelled to watch it when I really can't stand it.

@ Word Nerd: While I understand the kidbits domain, in your case, I have to tell you that (perhaps because of having lived with Ian for so long), my mind immediately jumped to naughty things and what other sites would come up in a search for that term. Something to consider!

Have I sufficiently counter random-commented your random post? :)

Masked Mom said...

On the subject of alternate blog names...I gave serious thought at one point to, which I would have filled with posts of daily, if not hourly, examples of the crazy lunacy of her bitchiness. I eventually decided it was too limiting, though--not because of a shortage of material (by far)--but because she was not the only irritating person in my life. In order to be more inclusive, I then toyed with the concept of pettyrantsaboutannoyingpeople, but was finally discouraged about how I could promote it without revealing I wrote it (and thereby getting "caught" ranting pettily).

And on the leg shaving subject: Oh,I remember the ceremonial shaving of the legs for that gray relationship area between the hanky and the panky...vaguely.

Wishing you a cuddly snow day!

Julie DeMille said...

"Perhaps it's because the snow is laying a blanket over my anxiety, telling it to hush."

alienbody said...

Bourbon is one of my absolute most favoritest things to drink in this universe...ever. Please to be developing that site at your earliest convenience. Oh..wait..does the Hanky And The Panky interfere with creating said site? Skip shaving and use Nair - because you can type while it burns the hair off - something you can't do while shaving. I'll be waiting for you over at Bourbon & Shame...

Unknown said...

Don't your readers leave the best comments ever?
Uh-oh-- just put the pressure on my self. Got something burning in the oven-- be back later.
The new domain names are inspiring.
Oh-- I didn't know Masked Mom and I worked for the same person!

Michael said...

A domain name means you have your own website and don't go through Blogger? Does that also mean you need to know how to design a website?

No one should ever have to shave!

Laine Griffin said...

I want to help design!!!!

Frances D said...

You do know how to choose a domain name my dear.
Can't wait for more podcasts.
I used to audioblog, but GABCAST which had a call in feature closed down.
Maybe you will inspire me to get techy and do it myself.
Your fan on the East Coast