Thursday, February 23, 2012

That Podcast Thing


You know that podcast thing - Sharp Pointy Objects?

I am floored by its reception.

When Acr0nym and I set out to do this thing, I truly didn't think we'd have more than a dozen or so people tune in or care. At least, not with the first episode...not until we'd established ourselves, got some practice under our belts, honed our collective voice, and just generally figured out what was what in a podcast world.

So...when we got 95 hits to the podcast on the very first day it was posted?

Excuse me. I have to go scoop my dropped jaw off the ground.

For those bloggers out there - the ones who watch and care about their statistics - I suspect you can appreciate why I'm flabbergasted and very very pleased. We've had 140 unique visitors and over 400 page 4 days. For a brand new podcast, a brand new blog? That feels overwhelmingly huge.

Not only that but I'm more than appreciative of the reception we've received on Facebook. 45 "likes" and 4 days. Again, it's a modest number but for someone who is terrified of creating a Facebook fan page for this blog for fear of crickets chirping, 45 exceeds my wildest expectations - especially for the first episode.

Those are just numbers though.

What has meant the most to me have been the comments and the personal e-mails from people I know and from people I've never heard of contacting me, thanking me, telling me they felt as though they were a part of the conversation and wanted to jump in when they had something to say.

What's meant the most is having those same people ask me for more.

And more they shall have.

The Divatologist e-mailed me this morning and asked "How do you get so lucky to know all these interesting, erudite, and dynamic people?"  My response: "I somehow developed quite a discerning taste for unique, lively, interesting people and began collecting them early and often. It helps that I bribe them with baked goods."

You know I collect only the finest, right? I've got confirmations to record enough episodes to post bi-weekly podcasts over the next 6 months. That's barely scratching the surface of the people I know and love. You all aren't likely to get rid of Sharp Pointy Objects anytime soon.

In fact, we're set to record this upcoming Sunday with my very special friend and guest, "Dr." Finger, who has a story to tell...a magnificent story, a compelling story. A story of triumph, a story of fear, a story of success...and failure, of love, and the kindness of strangers.

Hey! Don't we all have a story to tell? You bet you do. I do too. Even if you don't think you do, give me 5 minutes and I'll find it.

Won't you be my neighbor? Won't you let me record you being my neighbor? Come on. You know you want to!


Gaelyn said...

SO Exciting!

Celeste Neumann said...

Send something nice to the Word Nerd, like a Sachertorte. Both she and Jenn really get around on the web, and are in touch with many people, especially on Facebook. Without the Word Nerd I might never have heard of "Jane von und zu Infinite Wisdom", because the country I live in is at war with Facebook. ;P
BTW, if you haven't had something to laugh at this week, make an appointment with me per email, download Google Talk, and you may laugh to your heart's content at my horrid mixed-up accent.

Masked Mom said...

Ooooh, this is all so exciting. I feel like I'm a witness at the birth of something gigantic.

TangledLou said...

Masked Mom said what I was going to say again. This is getting creepy. But really, congratulations! This is huge. You've hit a nerve, it would seem. Run with it! (Not with the sharp pointy objects. That's not a good idea and that one guy already titled his memoir with something like that, but you know what I mean.)
So proud!

Lucy said...

I am not surprised and can't wait to watch it grow!!!!

Catch My Words said...

Congratulations on your great success. I'll have to check it out.


Michael J. said...

How very cool! I bet you couldn't find a story in me in five minutes or five days! LOL..........seriously.

Jenn and Casey said...

Congratulations!!!!! :)

Gavin said...

It was very cool, to be able to hear women talking together - smart, adult women - about their experience and their growth and have laughs and fun with it.

Elizabeth said...

I havent had a chance to listen yet but plan to tonight. I love podcasts and have wanted to do one for years! If you ever do guests via phone I am IN! :)