Saturday, March 03, 2012

What We Don't Say Speaks Volumes

I haven't always been close to my sister's children.

I was almost 18 when Coco Pants was born, an exaggerated angsty 18 who swiftly turned into Old Lady Cantankerous when I should have been a footloose and fancy free 20-something...

A footloose and fancy free 20-something she is - or should be - now.

It wasn't until I lightened up and she and her younger brother, JR, grew up that we found common ground and were able to relate to one another and love each other for the people we were rather than for just the ancestry we shared.

Tonight, I've been wandering listlessly in my bathrobe. I sit down at the computer to write but no words want to come out. I lie down and snuggle with Vinny until he grows impatient and bored. I would put in a movie but I can't muster up the mental capacity to even pick something to watch knowing my interest won't be held longer than the opening credits will last. I'm not hungry. I can't eat.

And then I got an e-mail from Coco Pants.

CP: How are you doing, Ant Jane? [yes, I am sure she does know the correct spelling. It's our thing.]
Me: OK. Feeling sad right now but I'm OK. How you?
CP: Feeling kinda lost kinda empty. Why are you sad?
Me: *smile* feeling kinda lost kinda empty.
CP: I love you Ant Jane. Oh so very much.
Me: And I love you, Coco Pants. Oh so very much.

It was enough. We understood one another.

Written for the GBE 2 (group blogging experience 2) weekly prompt: Simplicity


@NativeMikeAdams said...

:-) Like this post! ...thanks

Gaelyn said...

Very nice.

It's OK to be lost and empty sometimes. That way you can be found and filled.


Anonymous said...

Love Gaelyn's comment and the love that can be shared in such a short note from someone you care about.

Lucy said...

It is no fun hurting but it is nice to have someone that gets you without having to use a lot of words.

Masked Mom said...

It's nice to be understood--especially when we're in that lost and empty place. I think that feeling of being understood is one of the most basic of emotional needs. You two are lucky to have found it in each other.

Jo said...

I think you and CP have it all figured out. Simplicity is just loving someone who gets you. ♥

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice.

Jenn and Casey said...

This couldn't be more perfect. I love it when someone just GETS you.

Laine Griffin said...

Awe, so sweet!