Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snippets From the Last Couple of Weeks

aka Brain Dump...

1) I've acquired a 4th non-husband, TC. He's Acr0nym's brother which seems just slightly incestuous, doesn't it? But it makes sense to me. I mean, in his words, he already puts up with my shit anyway, he might as well have the title...and the shirt (once I've designed it).

That makes 4 non-husbands and a work spouse - a work spouse who is quickly becoming a non-husband too especially after the last two weekends of insanity and awesome chaos.

Collecting non-husbands is totally normal...right?

2) Saturday the 12th was the GeekShow - a fundraiser to benefit denhac, the Denver Hackerspace.

Designed by Spux and shamelessly stolen from the denhac website
While we didn't come anywhere close to raising enough money to install air conditioning at the space, we certainly raised awareness about its existence. Given that it was a rainy, sopping wet mess of a night, it was wildly successfully attended and people are already clamoring for more GeekShow goodness.

Highlights of the night included:

The Jacob's Ladder built by DK at the very last possible second when our scheduled Jacob's Ladder provider had to bail due to an unfortunate family emergency.

DK and I discussing the specs of the cattle prod he offered to build me for Defcon gooning...

Just a little voltage, k? Hee hee. Seriously. That's exactly what I was saying to DK here. Photo by Acr0nym.

A lot of top shelf gin for an unbelievably low price...thanks, 3 Kings Tavern!

DJ Another Mike providing stupidly awesome nerdcore and other geeky music for our pleasure.

The closeup illusionist stylings of Garret DePass who sincerely has me fooled about where that dollar coin went.

The fabulous MC job provided by one of Denver's fab musicians, Ukulele Loki.

(Hee hee. See if you can spot Spux in this video. Hint: starting right 'round 1:56.)

And I don't even know what all else. No, really. I don't even know what all else because I'd had gin and also because when you molest the bald head of a relatively new acquaintance who's just becoming a friend, you keep that shit to yourself.

Moving on...

3) This past Saturday was the 50th birthday celebration for one Megajoules and Gigawatts - the best of the best Mad Mad Scientists. It. Was. Awesome.

Not only did I get to hug on and talk to a very old friend circa the Alabama Years, who is, in fact, still one of Alabama's best friends and who, graciously, more than graciously, agreed to drive my butt home when Acr0nym bailed early, there were a number of people who came out that I rarely get to see in a social setting. I like this as it gives me even more bald heads to molest.

It was, I would say, an epic night, an epic party. I suspect I crushed on a lot of you that night if only for your all-out geekery and willingness to play hacky sack with an 8" dong (a gag gift to the birthday boy). Just sayin'.

Again with the moving on...

4) We've taken a brief hiatus from posting more episodes of Sharp Pointy Objects because:

A) Bomb Betsy's episodes 1 and 2 took a lot out of me
B) Acr0nym needed time to prepare for Geekshow

But we've got an episode in production now about goth/club culture featuring the input of the vocalist of the band, Synapse:

We've also scheduled a recording with some of the boys from Night Muzick - a pyrotechnic outfit that produces highly coveted fireworks displays all around Colorado and beyond.

Having said that and given that I clearly have access to people who run the gamut from transplant recipients, sex workers, semi-famous musicians, terrorist bombing victims, and pyros...what would you like to hear next from SPO?

That's what's been up. Mostly. You know...with the exception of what is TMI.

There's kinda been a lot going on that is TMI.


Sleepy Joe said...

Of course it is normal to collect non-husbands...I hope...I have a work-husband and my other half has a work-wife (well I have to make sure he is kept in check and she nags him as much as me!!)

cdnkaro said...

I want to go to a GeekShow!!
p.s. I love your expression in that pic. Imagine all of the different things one could imagine you are trying to convey, without the context provided:)

Just Jane said...

Karo: When I saw that picture, I started laughing so hard because I knew exactly what I was saying. Even out of context it is pretty hysterical :).

Laine Griffin said...

I wish I had a non-husband! Yay for more podcasting! :)

Lucy said...

It sounds like you are having lot's of fun and your even starting a collection LOL

Sleepy Joe said...

Hope the non-husband collecting is going well.

Just stopped by to say...tag you're it :-) http://sleepyjoes.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/weekend-wonder-fairy-tales-sunshire-and.html

Anonymous said...

Do non-husbands do chores? You know, like the ones husbands keep putting off?

Just Jane said...

Beth: The live in non-husband is good about chores - garbage, dishes, cat care, etc. The others do things that may not be chore-related but are really awesome - like driving me places or, in the case of the work spouse, making me mid-morning coffee in his chemex every day.

The Host said...

Hm. I hope the TMI stuff is fun TMI stuff, not the kind that involves very awkward appointments with the Doctor.

a.eye said...

Glad you are staying busy!

I've tagged you on my blog!


Railgap said...

Hey thanks for the shout-out. I'm really enjoying your bloggings!

Bᴜɴɴʏ ☥ said...

I have...5... ish... Can you post or email me the podcast URL for a podcast feeder? I can't seem to get it right (the URL) for my google listen app... Urm... Thanks!

Bᴜɴɴʏ ☥ said...

PS Happy happy! Sorry I missed it.

Masked Mom said...

Glad the GeekShow was such a success in all the ways that matter. Looking forward to more SPO--and to catching up with the ones I've not yet had a chance to listen to.

I think I could use a non-husband or two. ;)