Sunday, July 08, 2012

It's Possible I Occasionally Lack Sound Judgment

I popped a rib slightly out of its socket yesterday morning.

Now it kinda hurts to do stuff. You know, like bend over, cough, laugh and generally live life. (As an aside, I just re-read that sentence and it now sounds as though instead of a bad rib, I was having my prostate checked...which I wasn't. I don't even have a prostate.)

Despite the pain, I was bound and determined to get up to Denhac yesterday as Jason Scott - the mastermind behind Get Lamp and BBS: The Documentary - was in town filming interviews for one of his latest projects...a documentary about Defcon. You'd think, since I've never been to Defcon, I wouldn't have anything to contribute. And you would be (mostly) right. However, the point wasn't for me to offer up my perspective (although I did do a brief pre-con experience interview) as much as it was for me to watch the process, listen to Scott's interview style, and hear what my friends might say about the Defcon years leading up to XX.

So I loaded up on ibuprofen and tromped up there for the day.

It was terrific! 

Loads of people - some I don't see very often - came up to interview. There was food and drink. There was merriment...especially when "Roy" got on a tear and I had to beg him to stop making me laugh as every guffaw also induced sharp, jabbing pain and unattractive facial contortions.

We even had a bit of excitement when a transformer located 100 yards away and directly in my line of sight at the time blew in spectacular fashion and knocked our power out for an hour.

However, I forgot one thing. Additional ibuprofen. So, by early evening, I was in pretty sorry shape. Luckily, St. Jude was there and took me in hand. Well...OK really she gave me ibuprofen from her stash and then took me back in the classroom, laid me out on the concrete floor1 and worked on getting the rib back into place. 

Which was a relief.

But now the muscle around the rib is traumatized and inflamed. Rather than resting as I should have, I overdid it yesterday, and am now paying for it today as I awkwardly try to type while lying horizontally on top of an ice pack2.

Awesome. So much for the gothnic this afternoon and the BBQ tonight.

It was still worth every ounce of pain I'm feeling today.

Additionally, better this happened now than 2 weeks from now. I'm Defcon bound, y'all. 17 days and counting.


1: Note to self: That floor is filthy dirty. Get mop.

2: Note to self: Do not read anything on the list while lying on an ice pack attempting to recover from injury. People like Roy are on there and they make you laugh. Hard.


Gaelyn said...

Time for a pain pill and a few days off. Take care. And stop laughing. ;)

Lucy said...

Ouch! Sounds like a good time and now time to rest, get better soon, very soon, because I think you are off to an even better time in a few weeks!!!

Graciewilde said...

Naive me.... what's Defcon?

and I feel your pain - broke five ribs and a few more bones in one fell swoop a couple of years ago - percocet was my best friend for SIX months!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know you could do that to a rib.

I am with Gracie. No idea what Defcon is.

The M Half said...

Aww, take it easy there, champ! Yer ribs needa break (pun unintended. Don't break 'em.) and you're not helping with the laughing.

However, laughter is the best medicine, so that's a plus.

Unknown said...

Jason Scott is an awesome speaker. I have had the opportunity to listen to recorded presentations and to get to know him in person. He's great!