Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Nakedness That is Naked Jen

I don't remember now where I found her.

Perhaps someone shared a link to her on Facebook or in an article I read or in a comment on my blog. I know I'd been reading her for awhile though before Dr. Jenni suggested I add her blog to my reading list. Regardless, Naked Jen has been appropriately touching my heart for several years. 

I can't even begin to describe her. Glitter faerie? Check. Naked in every way? Check. Lover of everyone in spite of themselves? Check. Check. Check. She's just...Naked Jen, spreading her love and her glitter and her spirit with such ferociousness one cannot help but fall helplessly in love with her. Mainly, because every bit of her - from the loving gorgeousness to the occasional messness - is so vulnerably and beautifully exposed, knocking and kicking at your door demanding you to love her.

I triple dog dare you not to.

It took me a long time to work up the courage to "speak" to her via commenting on her blog. I don't remember what I said but it's possible I told her I loved her...which is kinda stalkery and weird. Yet, true. It was the first time but certainly not the last time I would tell her so. So there. When she posted and invited people to follow her on Twitter and/or friend her on Facebook, I took advantage and did just that. I might have squee'd just a little when she accepted my friend request.

And then I discovered she was also reading my blog.

All of a sudden, I wasn't just lurking and stalking her anymore. All of a sudden, we were two women, reading each other, loving each other, appreciating the nakedness of one another in all of our hot, glorious messiness. We casually mentioned several times how we needed to meet and hug and throw glitter at each other but it's not ever happened.

Enter Amanda Palmer.

You may or may not know just how much I love Amanda Fucking Palmer. Unless, of course, you've been around awhile. I don't talk about it much here. But I do...love her, I mean. Probably because, in the scheme of nakedness she's right up there with Naked Jen. 

I've loved Amanda Palmer with the debut of The Dresden Dolls:

Followed by Who Killed Amanda Palmer, her solo project:

Then Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra put out this a couple of months ago (my all-time favorite Nirvana song, FYI):

And, finally, this yesterday just as tickets for their fall tour went up for sale (NSFW because Amanda Palmer is naked - awesomely so - at the beginning and end...because, you know, nipples and body hair hurt people in bad, bad ways):

I'd posted the Polly video to Facebook just after AFP announced her tour dates that would include Denver, mentioning I'd probably cry but I'd be there, and before the announcement that pre-sale tickets would go on sale yesterday. In response, Naked Jen posted her own love for Amanda Palmer (SURPRISE!), and then mentioned she'd probably have to come to Denver to see the show and sleep on my couch, and then posted on my wall about the pre-sale tickets.

So...yesterday, as soon as the pre-sale tickets were released, I bought two. One for me. One, hopefully, for Naked Jen.

Because what better way for Naked Jen and Just Jane (which is just another way of saying Naked Jane) to meet than reveling in the nakedness of Amanda Palmer? Someone who is as naked as we are?

Naked Jen confirmed, after I'd told her she had a ticket, she would do whatever she could, with all her naked might, to make the show (from SLC) and to meet me. And I'm so glad! I cannot even tell you how glad...you wouldn't believe me.

Rarely in real life do we get to meet someone who's mere existence has played such an important part to our own growth, our own loving spirit, our very own nakedness as Naked Jen has played in mine. And yet, I think it's going to happen for me.

If I know Jen - and I think I do - she may cringe at that responsibility, that expectation. 

All I have to say to her is "Jen? Get over here. I need to hug you in all your naked, imperfect glory. I love you...just as you are. You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you."



nakedjen said...

You are so incredibly kind and generous and lovely and loving, Jane! I will be there, with bells on (and possibly little else)! Naked j's activate! I love you more! xox

nakedjen said...

You are so incredibly kind and generous and lovely and loving, Jane! I will be there, with bells on (and possibly little else)! Naked j's activate! I love you more! xox

Graciewilde said...

Now you made me love nakedjen too! -- I went to her stuff and I love her! Love her attitudes and humor and all - silly me, I can relate. I want to connect to her RSS but I am not sure I did - we'll see.
Thanks for posting your love letter of a sort --
and the weird thing is I dont' even know all that stuff in the middle of your post - clueless - I just like your energy and now nakedjen's energy. I need people like you in my life. Even if it is just on the periphery - you inspire me!

Unknown said...

Go Jane, go Jen! Go naked women everywhere!

Graciewilde said...

Right on, Melanie!

Anonymous said...

I loved Amanda Palmer, too, but that was before she married Neil. Oh Neil, why did you do it!?! There goes my fantasy of screwing the guy.