Thursday, March 28, 2013

That One Night I Actually, You Know, Blogged



I didn't expect anyone to still be here lurking around in my blog space waiting to hear from me. You must be starving! And likely thirsty. I would be too if I'd stuck around this long with nary a word. You should go fix yourself a snack. Perhaps a cocktail too. I'll wait. I'll just, you know, occupy myself by blowing the dust off and vacuuming up the cobwebs around here until you get back.



So...let's see...where should I start attempting to fill you in on where I've been, what I've done, and why I've neglected the blog? Well...I know! Let's start with the big stuff.

1.  I am under contract to buy a house! And while you are likely thinking, "Oh! Of course! That's where she's been...looking at house after house after house in search of her dream first time home!" you would be wrong in thinking that's where I've been spending my time. Because, in reality, I saw that first house and then, five days later, saw the second house and put an offer in on it the very next day after receiving the stamp of approval by my realtor, my boss, and non-husbands 1 and 2. 

That's right. I am buying the second house I laid eyes on and I'm not even sorry because it's EXACTLY what Lex and I wanted. It's so perfect (for us) that Lex was practically bouncing about it. For the record, Lex doesn't ever really bounce. He doesn't ever say he loves pretty much anything. Ever. So when he said he loved it, I knew this was the one. Of course, I knew it was the one the day before - likely from the moment I saw the Mormon pantry or the all-mirrored, 70s disco powder room on the main floor - but I figured I might as well give him the illusion of having a say so.

The one down side to this particular house - OUR house-to-be - is that it is a Short Sale. In essence, the sellers are thisclose to foreclosure and, in order to avoid foreclosure, are attempting to sell the house for less than they owe on it hoping their lender will take what they can get and save everyone the time and expense and additional loss created by the headache of an actual foreclosure. Why is this a downside, you ask? Because it takes forever to get approved. It could be 3, 4, or even 6 months before I close on this house. And there's always that added extra stress of wondering if the lender will approve the offer and worrying about whether or not, once it's approved, if it'll pass inspection and/or come in at a reasonably comparable appraised value. 

Ugh. I don't even want to talk about all the little things that are keeping my sub-conscious busy with all sorts of bizarre anxiety dreams (of which I ought to write down because they are just that weird and frequent). me. I love this house. I'll wait for a long time for it if I have to just...let everything go smoothly. And while I'm waiting I'll just keep pinning stuff to my decorating ideas board on Pinterest. Because yes, apparently I've finally figured out just exactly what Pinterest is for and I don't believe any good will come of it.

2. Let's see...oh yes! Right after I wrote a letter to a sick co-worker, I got sick! With the flu! It was really awful. I ran a fever upwards of 102º for the better part of 9 days and didn't think I'd ever feel well again. woot. If you've ever run a fever that high then you know there isn't much to do except lie about feeling sorry for yourself and watching television. Except I have no television or Netflix or much of anything really (because I'm a cheap bastard) except books and a computer. Reading, however, is out of the question with a fever - I mean, if I want to retain anything more than a few words. The saving grace was that, after a couple of days lying around in germy pajamas, trying not to moan so loudly the neighbors would call for the police or for a sex addiction intervention, I discovered PBS has every episode ever produced of Frontline available online. I don't know why that is important. It certainly seems ridiculous to me now that, while burning up with fever, the one saving grace in my life was hard core documentary porn, but it was important.

No Rocky and Bullwinkle, Inspector Gadget, or Loony Tunes here in this sick ward, folks! No, no! It's all about the opium brides of Afghanistan, AIDS in black America, or poverty through a child's eyes. I suppose maybe I got hooked because misery loves company. Either that or, relatively speaking, the flu ain't got nothing on the street gangs of Chicago. Regardless, I spent 9 days off work, in my pajamas, eating cough drops and Advil while watching people talk about euthanizing themselves.

There's a party all up in here, y'all! Just a barrel o' laughs. Clearly.

Eventually, even though I thought it would never happen, I got better. But not before I'd forsaken every one of my new habits ...with the exception of rubbing the lotion on my skin every day. Oh well. There's always next year.

3. Mostly what's been keeping me away from the blog though is actually a great thing! I've been spending most of my free time volunteering as a board member for Denhac! I don't remember if I mentioned it when it happened but, back in October, I was elected to the board and subsequently elected as an officer - secretary - of the board. After a massive Denhac-ian kerfuffle in December that had me re-thinking relationships and led me to the discovery of the drama triangle - in which I am most often pulled into playing the part of rescuer but found myself in this instance being cast as the villain to which I said wholeheartedly "No thank you. I won't be playing your bullshit game henceforth" (I paraphrase...I didn't actually say it quite like that) - I took over the all important role of managing communications for the space. Turns out, I love it! And I'm really good at it. But it's a lot of work that, for the most part, was neglected in the past. So I've been spending most of my free time building an audience for the space while neglecting the audience I've built here. 

For that, I am sorry. Because I miss my blog. I miss my friends. I miss writing for me...without much purpose and without intent to promote.

But I'm not sorry to see the Denhac hours I put in every single day make a difference. And there is most definitely a tangible difference. Of that I can be extremely proud.

So there.

That's why you've been left to your own devices for much of the last several months. Hopefully you'll forgive me and will continue to poke your noses in every once in awhile to check in on me. I promise I won't make you watch any Frontline episodes on undertaking while you wait...unless you want to, that is. It's a pretty cool episode. I mean, if you like that sort of thing...

Which I do.


Anonymous said...

Everything with the house will go smoothly and you'll live there blissfully ever after. Why? Because I said so. And yeah, I'm that powerful. Awesome, right?

I'm glad you're past the fever. Being feverish (high-feverish) is a wicked pain in the arse and makes death seem like it would be a sweet release. The worst fever I had as an adult was a few years back, after I'd fallen asleep outside and gotten a horrible sunburn. I was 103.5 for several days and at one point, I was laying on the couch watching Wheel of Fortune and trying to figure out how the game worked. Why that didn't make my husband take me to the ER is a mystery, and proof that he's either a blithering idiot (he's not) or has a crapload of faith. Once the fever broke, I was again able to watch the Wheel and know that I could kick the ass of pretty much anyone I know playing it.

I'm so glad you've posted and caught me up on your life. Plus, you might just inspire me to get off my lazy hiney and start a new blog. WNS is destined for the scrap heap, I think.

Graciewilde said...

Heya! and hi! Glad to hear all the news of your life - okay, not the sick part but the Frontline discovery is cool! I know the house will work out for you! and that will then consume much of your time (oh, and money...) but that's a good thing. I always enjoy hearing from you :)

Margi said...

So happy to hear from you! I've been neglecting ye ol' blogosphere as well and I don't think I have any actual reasons. I send you oodles of good luck and wishes for speedy resolution on the short sale. Next time I'm in Denver, can I have a tour? xoxo