Monday, August 19, 2013


Yesterday, Acr0nym and I went on a Sushi Adventure in my new neighborhood. 

Because sushi.

The place we wanted to try - Sushi Katsu - was closed for lunch on Sundays so, instead, we drove a block down to the Seoul BBQ and Sushi joint...that may actually be the name of it, "Seoul BBQ and Sushi", hence the roll the dice against ptomaine. 

I'm happy to report ptomaine didn't win and both of us are alive and well-ish.

It's a nicely appointed restaurant - the decor is tasteful, the food is above average. It's not the best sushi in town (that distinction, in my humble opinion, continues to be awarded to Japon until further notice) but it hit the spot even if the rolls were ridiculously, unnecessarily messy.

What was unusual, at least for us, was that, after we'd placed our order, the waitress appeared with a dozen monkey dishes full of various "side dishes" to partake of while we waited for our gunmandu (dumplings), sashimi, and rolls. And because we were starving, we dug into them with our chopsticks, regardless of the fact that we couldn't really identify any of the contents.

Jane: Well...I think this is tempura-fried zucchini.
Acr0: BLECH! No. Cucumber.
Jane: Oh...uh...sorry. [Acr0 can't stand cucumber.]
Jane: What do you think this is?
Acr0: Um...carrots?
Jane: Not even. Potato maybe?
Acr0: I'm sorry I put this in my mouth.
Jane: What is it?
Acr0:.. ... ... parsnip maybe? I've never had a parsnip so I'm guessing.
Jane: Uh no. Not parsnip or turnip. But I'm also sorry I put it in my mouth.
Jane: I'm not eating this one.
Acr0: Why?
Jane: Because it looks like orc boogers.
Acr0: Say again?
Jane [slowly]: ORC BOOGERS.
Acr0: Heh. Oh. It's just seaweed.
Jane: Uh huh. Still not eating it.
Jane: Also? I'm pretty sure this one is bugs.
Acr0: Bugs?
Jane: Bugs.
Acr0 [taking bite]: Hrm. You may be right.

A moment or two later the waitress came by and we asked her to tell us what stuff was. Sweet potatoes, kimchi, seaweed (the orc boogers), and on and on. And then she pointed to the bugs and said something unintelligible. 

I said, "I'm sorry. What did you say this was again?"

And she said, "Dried shrimp."

And then walked away.

Acr0 and I looked at each other, nodded once, and, at the same time, said, "Bugs".

Seoul BBQ and Sushi bugs


Teresa said...

I agree - Japon is incredible! Namikos is also quite fabulous.

Unknown said...

So...that is the place me and Mar went that started Masticators. Also...expecting good sushi from a Korean BBQ? DIG IN TO THE EXCELLENT KOREAN!

Those sides? You get them even if you order $5 worth of soup. Enjoy.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Sushi Katsu's pretty good for all you can eat. Bring stretchy pants and be sure to shut off your dignity before you walk in the door.

Seoul BBQ's decent, and as mentioned, it's fun to sample the Russian roulette selection of dishes that you get as a side, especially when it doesn't taste anything like what your brain is anticipating.

Can't tell if I don't like it because it's gross or because I was expecting salty and it tastes sour and sweet instead...

Masked Mom said...

I'm pretty adventurous, but lucky that I live somewhere where it's hard to get too adventurous.
Bugs, indeed.