Sunday, August 04, 2013

It's Like That

And...just like that, it's done.

As of Monday evening just past, I am down to just one house - MY house - that I own.

As of Wednesday afternoon, I am down to just one job - the NEW job - one that I love.

Yesterday morning was the first weekend morning in months I didn't wake up in a panic wondering how I was going to get everything done that had to get done before:
  • I moved my dad
  • I closed on my house
  • I moved into my house
  • I vacated The Grotto
  • I started my new job full time.
Friday marked the end of 60-70 hour work weeks. 

It occurs to me I won't ever have to throw a post-apoca-audit party again.

I've spent this weekend shopping for household goods and groceries, unpacking, re-arranging, and finding new places for long-kept treasures. Slowly but surely, the boxes are disappearing as Lex and I make this space our own. 

Both of us fall a little more in love with our house and our neighborhood each day. The "modern" conveniences we now have that we've lived without for the last 5 years - a dishwasher, central air, a double-car garage, our own designated trash and recycling receptacles, reliable postal service, OHMYGAWD bathrooms!!! 2 for each of us!!!, and space...alotta space to spread out - seem like the best kind of magic. We have way more elbow room than we've actually got elbows.

Lex said tonight, "It's pretty great here. It's like...we've moved that deluxe apartment in the sky."

It's also way too quiet here. For years, we've fallen asleep to the sounds of buses, "street tv", and oontz oontz Thursdays (and Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, etc.). It's so quiet that, when I'm sitting out on the patio enjoying my morning coffee or an adult beverage and a smoky treat, I jump when the a/c condenser pops on and does its thing - whatever that "thing" is - to make it cool inside my house. As a result, I'm listening to NPR pretty much nonstop. I've revived the habit of tuning into the BBC during the night - a little something I picked up while dating N8 the GR8 all those years ago. I feel smarter already. At least smart enough to win Karl Kassel's voice on my answering machine by answering all the questions on Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! Heh.

I'm missing Defcon going on right now. I was supposed to be a Goon again this year but saw the rude writing on the wall back in early June boldly, brazenly stating I would not have time or the physical/mental capacity to live through the stress of all the packing and the moving and the switching jobs and the care and feeding of an aging father AND plan/execute a trip to the desert to sleep little and party lots with the nerd corps. So I backed out.

I hate that I missed the world premiere of Defcon: The Documentary in which I have a (albeit extremely short) speaking part. I hate that I'm not there with friends...with Acr0nym. I hate that I'm not adding to my badge collection (although Acr0 will be bringing me my 4th annual Defcon souvenir knife). 

And yet...I have a house.

An awesome house! With a Target and a Noodles & Company and Korean BBQ and scrumptious sushi and Sam's No. 3 nearby. 

I have a house.

MY house.

A lovely house.

And a grown up bedroom freshly outfitted with grown up furniture and bedding.

It's done.

Just like that.



Unknown said...

Welcome to the neighborhood. I've been here for thirteen years now, allow me to show you around. Sam's is good if I'm in a greasy dinner or tex-mex mood. Otherwise, I'm a regular over at Dozen's. My other local favorites - The Nile, Tacos DF, and a bowl of pho just as good as 95 over at Pho 75. Did I mention I've decided to learn how to BBQ? I'm not sure what I'll do with all of this slow smoked meat...

Elizabeth said...


Gaelyn said...

How delightful to be a happy, grown-up lady with her own house and lots of space in a quiet neighborhood. You ROCK! Be a Goon next year. Big Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE!!!!! Oh, and nice bedroom!