Thursday, November 05, 2009


I got the call no one really wants a few minutes ago from Tower. While he likes me very much as a person, he does not want a romantic relationship with me.

I'm sad of course because I like him. He's fun, smart, and just an all around awesome person.

And that was never more evident than it was when he called me to tell me on the phone some pretty hard words to say. So while I'm sad, I'm still really proud of him for having the cajones to say what he knew would hurt me. In my book, that's a highly honorable thing.


Jenni said...

Shit! But, yeah, it's really nice to deal with someone who is decent enough to tell the truth and not play games.

Big inter-tube hugs coming to you from here.


Just Jane said...

Thanks for the snuggles.

The truth did set me free to enjoy my weekend thoroughly without having anxious what-the-hell-is-going-on-thoughts. And I'm recovered from the disappointment mostly. So yeah, it was a nice thing for him to do. Hard for both of us but, in the end, rewarding.