Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Church of Brunch

Everyone needs to meet my sister, Jenni.

No seriously.

If you think I'm fun1, just wait. Cuz she is chock full o' the awesome. And the two of us usually manage to have a fabulous time together know...all that fun.

*Side note: Those of you who have heard my knock knock jokes? Blame Jenni. I learned them from her.

Anyway! When Jenni and her husband, Math-Matty, lived in Boulder during grad school, they had weekly pie nights whereby a group of friends would get together each Tuesday night for pie. Uhm hello? Pie. Every week. And friends with pie. Every week.

Have I mentioned chock full o' the awesome?

But wait. It gets better.

Skip ahead a few years and they've moved to Seattle. New friends, new restaurants, new priorities.

Turns out, pie nights aren't nearly so good as...brunch.

Sunday brunch. Every week. Brunch with friends. Every week.

The Church of Brunch was born.

I think we've clearly established now that I am not a church goer. I don't care for dogma or propoganda or really anything having to do with a pulpit unless it's me on my own soapbox.

But you know what I do like? Communing with my friends. And having an excuse to eat bacon.

And so the Denver congregation of the Church of Brunch will hold it's first official worship service this Sunday. So if you're looking to worship the trinity of the omelette, pancakes, and coffee or just want to commune with other walk of shamers, let me know. I'll send you the details.

1: Which of course, I know, you totally do.


kk said...

Mmmmm, brunch with friends! Maybe I'll get the chance to go sometime! Send me details....

zero hour said...

mmmmmmm syrup of the immaculate waffle!

Jenni said...

Look at me! I'm the new L. Ron Hubbard!