Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Not an Energizer Bunny, You Know

Another low energy day.

I guess Friday night took more out of me than I'd bargained for considering I never made it out of my pajamas yesterday and, frankly, barely made it out of bed what with the 2 (two) naps I took and all.

After a discussion with my girlfriend who had a similar experience and then with a friend this afternoon, I think I was able to pinpoint the problem from Friday night.

Club nights are energy feeding nights. It's fun to go into a crowd of people whose energy is running high, feeding off of it, taking it in from different sources, and then unleashing it deliberately in the direction of my choice.

It's definitely a high.

Friday night though, as I'd started to release some of the energy I'd gathered into myself, I got swarmed by the energy hungry, their own energy now fragmented and sloppy...drunken.

Hence the panic.

Because I was tired to begin with, I had no recourse from the feeding frenzy other than to abruptly depart.

The toll has been that I've been functioning at a low level frequency the rest of the weekend.

Interesting lesson to have learned.

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