Thursday, April 08, 2010

Quenching my Thirst

As I approached the coffee shop door, I wasn't sure how long I'd stay. Still feeling drained from the events of the past few days, I doubted I'd have much to give anyone. However, if there was one thing I was sure, it was that Lovely and I needed to spend some face time together.

It was crowded. Packed, in fact. Every table - indoors and out - was taken on a gorgeous, if chilly, afternoon. So I didn't spot her at first.

No, the person I spotted first was a beloved tall drink of water I'd not seen in months. I practically threw myself into his arms and hugged him nearly to death, my face beaming with joy.

It wasn't until after I'd released him that I realized he was sitting with Lovely - someone he'd never met. I was thrilled! These two were destined to meet...needed to meet and, in the 10 minutes they'd been getting acquainted, had already become fast friends.

When I turned to order my coffee from the barista, I was even more glad to be greeted by another beloved old friend I'd been missing. He and I had just been talking over the weekend about the fact that we missed each other and needed to spend time together. Our schedules however, appeared to be impossible...until just that moment.

I was content. Joyful. When a whisper blew through my hair and tickled my neck, I reached behind me believing it was my tall drink o' water...but no one was there. Glancing around, confused, I was enveloped in the arms of yet another beloved friend who I'd not seen since things had gotten hectic (and weird) for her.

Toss in an introduction to a great new friend whose energy was deliciously warm and easy, and a hard day...a hard week turned into a perfect afternoon among some of my best loved people.

Add a dash of a fantastic supper at Uoki, a bit of a drive with Devo Dave, hugs and kisses galore, and the promise of wine on Friday...

And this girl? This girl has drunk from the pool of refreshment she'd been craving. The calming waters of a drama-free, loving, restful friendship pool.

*sigh* I do love these peeps1.

1: No Easter-y peep pun intended.


Diva said...

The feast of friends, all at the same banquet table, is long-lasting. At least it *should* get you to wine time..... *laugh*

Just Jane said...

No doubt that it will *smile*. But I'm still looking forward to tomorrow and wine.

Anonymous said...

sounds like an amazing day PJ