Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sex Sells

Previously on Facebook...

Peej posted a link to an article from the Huffington Post about a woman who is a self-proclaimed sex addict and had started a Facebook group called "I Need Sex" in order to meet men and have er...relations with them.

Peej's comment on the article was simply to ask what the requirements were to be labeled a sex addict - if there was some kind of magic number or other factors used to determine addiction.

The comments on the article quickly digressed to slam the woman for being a "slut" as well as lighthearted comments about how several commenters (mostly men) were sex addicts too.

Bottom line?

This post was one of the most heavily commented posts on my news feed tonight.

And only 3 of us actually addressed Peej's initial query about sex addiction in the serious light to which it deserves.

Addiction in any form - drugs, gambling, binging/purging, alcohol, toxic relationships, killing1 and yes, sex, including porn - is no laughing matter.

An addiction is classified an addiction when a compulsive behavior adversely affects a person's life - employment, relationships, etc.

Sex addiction is very real.

And is far from funny - especially to the person who is sick with it.

The number of people a sex addict sleeps with is irrelevant.

A sex addict is not a slut.

And I was disappointed to see so many people commenting on an article about addiction with statements of "Ew gross" and "Oh yeah! Me too! Cool!" and "HuffPo is a fail" for posting about sex addiction instead of actually seeing the point of the problem.

But then again, sex sells...and not necessarily what the buyer thinks it's selling.

1: Maybe it's just my theory but I suspect if you ask any number of serial killers why they kill? The answers would ultimately be whittled down to the fact that they are addicted to it.

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