Sunday, December 05, 2010

Get In My Belly

Lex came to me a few days ago and asked me how I felt about making cookies this weekend.


"What's the occasion?" I asked.

"None. I just want cookies," he replied. "Like, say, if you were in the mood to make me some key lime cookies or chocolate peanut butter chip?"

Thursday evening, when he asked me, I was not in a particularly happy place. But, because he really doesn't ask for much, I said I would. I didn't specify what day, mind you, I just said I'd make him cookies.

Apparently, he got a little impatient since between the time I went to bed at midnight last night and got up at 6 a.m. this morning, his "specialty" no bake chocolate oatmeal peanut butter cookies had magically appeared.

I considered myself off the hook. At least as far as key lime or chocolate peanut butter chip cookies were concerned. Both fabulous cookies in their own right, please do not misunderstand, but today has not been a key lime cookie kind of day.

Which is probably why I didn't make them yesterday. Yesterday wasn't a key lime kind of day either.

What kind of cookie day is it then? You might ask. Because every day is a good day for a cookie in my infinite wisdom. And, of course, you all already know this which is precisely why you've thought to ask me the question.


When I get to feeling like this - listless, a bit sad, a little lonesome - the best cookie in the whole wide world is a soft ginger cookie.

Now, normally I don't like ginger cookies. I love ginger, of course (hello, stout cake and gingerale) but I've never been a fan of, say, the ginger snap or a gingerbread (wo)man ("Hey look! It's the femail man." "Femail carrier, Bart." Sorry. Simpsons. I digress.)

But these cookies?

These cookies are the ultimate in comfort food. Soft, chewy, spicy comfort. I go heavy on the ginger, cloves, and cinnamon so they are definitely spicy and the smell of them baking alone is enough to calm me like drinking a cup of tea.

The cookies - smell and taste - bucked me up enough to feel like getting out for a bit...which is good given that I had RSVP'd in the affirmative to attend D&C's housewarming party. Lucky for D&C, they had a warm plate of ginger cookies and a bottle of Traza Rioja to warm them.

Here's the recipe.

PS Yes, I've been a bit melancholy recently. There is no cause for alarm. I am right on schedule for Jane's Winter Standard Operating Procedure. I always hit this funk and I always emerge unscathed.


Matt said...

I'm tellin' ya, we've GOTTA make some Ninjabread cookies:

We can even use my kitchen, once those critters are back in stock at Thinkgeek.

Just Jane said...


I adore you. But you're totally rolling out the dough for these. Still...adore you. Bunches.

MsSparrow said...

we've been talking about making Ninjabread cookies here at our house as well! Maybe a cookie making party should be arranged? We have a huge kitchen... hmmmm I'm sensing the beginning of a plan!

Just Jane said...

That may be just what the doctor ordered. What say you all?