Monday, January 24, 2011

The Cake is a Lie

You may not know this (unless you are me), but January 23rd - EVERY YEAR - is National Pie Day.

Do not argue with me.

I understand if you think Pie Day is in March. But no. That is PI Day - March 14 (3/14 or 3.14) - and there is a distinct difference between a mathematical constant and a tasty and delicious crust filled with sweet treats.

If you'd like that another way...

There's pi...

And there's pie... my oven...right now.

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 because pi = 3.14.

National Pie Day is celebrated on January 23rd because I don't know why. It's just the date the American Pie Council decided was a good day for pie I guess. In my mind though, every day is a good day for pie...unless it's a good day for cake. In which case, cake trumps pie. Every time.


So, because yesterday was Pie Day, and because it was also Kaffee Klatch Day at the Matt Haus, I baked a pie. A luscious, delectable, blueberry-cherry pie. You know, because I'm tired of fall and winter pies like pecan or pumpkin, and frankly? There is nothing - not even cake - that beats an extraordinary blueberry pie à la mode (except for the dairy part *shaking fist at the lactose-intolerance gawd*).

It looked like this...

Delectable Blueberry-Cherry Pie

And it was good.

So good I made a pot pie (in my oven right now) for supper.

Pie. *moment of silence*


Matt said...

Sincerely, it was a holy pie. It may prove dangerous for me to know that you are this skilled with crust and blueberry.

Matt said...

Also, I love that the American Pie Council exists, has a website, AND has a downloadable "Pie Day" poster. It may have to go up in my office.

I may need, as well, to find out how I get appointed to the pie council....

Michael said...

I'm late to pie day, but I did observe a moment of silence in its honor. Believe it or not, the only fruit pie I've ever eaten is apple pie. The only pie I've ever made is one with chocolate pudding poured into a pre-made pie crust.