Thursday, May 05, 2011

She's Here! And I'm So Very Glad

You know, there are some people who you'd let see you at your most gawd awful worst...puffy-faced, snot-nosed, hungover, unshowered, with 3-day old dried mac and cheese from the box stuck on your shirt (possibly your cheek).

They're the ones you want with you when you go on a crying jag. The one who'll bring you a nice cheese and a Bota Box full of wine and drink it with you glass for glass til it's gone or until you're both passed out cold and covered in cats.

For me, one of those people is Dayna.

And Dayna, luckily, is in the house (not mine literally but just down the street).

For the next 3 nights, she's close by and even though I don't think she'll see me this time in all my wretched unshowered glory and having to make emergency trips to the liquor store and cheese counter, she's here and I can be me in whatever form I take and know that whatever form that is is just fine by her.

It is SO good to have her home.

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