Saturday, May 07, 2011

Whereupon Our Heroine Again Realizes Her Luck

You want to see something really cool?

Around this table sits decades - literally more than a century's worth, possibly 2 centuries worth - of friendship.

Brunchagogue - May 7, 2011

Those two sitting bottom right? Have known me longer than just about anyone besides family.

That's really saying something. Oh sure. It's saying we're all batshit crazy. But it's also a testament to the people we were and who we are now. How many people can say they are still actively friends with someone they've known for nearly 30 years?

Today, at Brunchagogue (not Church o' Brunch, it was Saturday, y'all), there were friendships individually spanning decades. DECADES. Mind boggling.

And when I think maybe I love too much? I'm going to look upon this picture and think to myself, "Naw. There's no such thing."

Only the finest. Seriously.

Whose got 2 thumbs and the best friends ever? This girl.

PS I'm starting to think these amazing revelations only come at The Berkshire over out-of-this-world bacon. Hmmm...coincidence? I think not. Bacon + Gorgeous Friends = Lucky Girl Realizations.

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