Thursday, June 09, 2011

(Un)Comfortably Numb

Have you ever witnessed the end of a relationship - been stunned by it - that was not your own?

I've been in a "wait...what" mode for the last several days over the end of a relationship of two people I not only adore but love enough to have agreed (albeit drunkenly and yet there is still a sworn affidavit with my signature as a MF'ing notary on a cocktail napkin...don't judge) to carry a gay love child for.

Y'all? Brad and beloved Brad and his partner, Jeff...have ended their relationship.

I'm kinda devastated here, y'all. Maybe even more than they are. Which is weird. Yet, I suspect, possibly true. Because they both seem to be taking it somewhat in stride. I, on the other hand, am going...I don't get it. You two? Are like...dammit...peas and carrots, cheese and macaroni. Why the hell do the peas and carrots relationships I am associated with keep doing this? (hee me...cuz it's all about me.)

This is kinda like...if the Doctors' Conroy broke up.

I know they have their reasons. And, I'm sure, they are valid, rational reasons.

Still...I can't help but think, "What about the children?" *laughing at that ridiculousness*  Or maybe it's more like, "but what about the Beaujolais Nouveau party?"

How utterly selfish of me.

Still...I want them to be together. I want that more than I want...nevermind. Just, trust me when I say that I want them to be together more than I want anything for myself. I'm heartbroken over a relationship that has nothing to do with me.

They gave me hope. Foolish, foolish hope. I am...a fool.

By the way? If anyone in the Cap Hill/Congress Park/City Park neighborhoods wants an amazingly fantabulous roommate? Let me know. Brad needs a roommate. And I want him close by me. He's been close for years now. I can't stand him to go too far away.

After all, he and I, we were born to harmonize.


Diva said...

The one who falls off the pedestal is rarely the one who feels injured.

Just Jane said...

Brad's fall from the pedestal happened almost 25 years ago *laugh*.

But I do hate it when relationships that seem, by all appearances, to be fantastic relationships seem to disintegrate without any warning. And that's what makes me sad here. There are only a handful of truly remarkable relationships I've witnessed in my life and theirs - I thought - was one of them.