Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Does It Mean?!

If you've been around awhile, you may remember Cripes. If you don't, well, he's that one guy I (thought I) was seeing last year about this time and who I (thought I) was seeing about this time the year before. *sigh*

I liked him an awful lot. Obviously. If I was willing to make a second go of it after the first time ended so abruptly and not so nicely I must have liked him. I thought he actually liked me. At least, he certainly seemed to. He certainly seemed to say the right things at the right time. Never mind that I also appear to be a sucker for the sweet talkin'.

Anyway! So, the other day, I, quite literally, stumbled across a blog...his blog, of this I am 100% certain. I didn't read all the entries. But, I must confess, out of curiosity, I went back to the time period last year to see what he'd have to say, if anything, about me. I mean, wouldn't you? OK, maybe not. Still...I did.

He made mention of his failed relationship attempts in 2010. Two were clearly not me. About the third he states he had "another 1/2 hearted go with CCW". That was all. He then goes on to describe one of the other women he dated as being the most looped woman he'd ever known - that woman was not, I'm 100% certain, me (no really. I'm 100% certain).


Now I know not to assume that this is, in fact, about me. That would just be silly. However, I'd be willing to wager at least an acorn machine prize on it. I'll admit, there was just the tiniest sting at the 1/2 hearted piece but, in hindsight, I understand that I mistook his 1/2 heartedness as his way of grieving the loss of his best friend. I'm OK with that.

However! I am more than mildly curious to know what CCW might stand for and as I'm not about to contact him to ask, I'm putting the challenge out to you folks. What do YOU think CCW might mean? Give it your best shot. Try not to be too mean...I am kinda sensitive and all.


Unknown said...

He didn't happen to find one of your truck-stop knives in your purse, did he?

Anonymous said...


None of those seem to work.

Just Jane said...

Jeremy: Heh. Nope! But I did consider the concealed weapon angle.

Anonymous: I dunno. I kinda like the sound of "Cold Carcass Weight" or the "Continuous Composite Worm" (whatever those things are).

Shari : said...

Cognitively Capable woman :)

Just Jane said...

Ha! Great one, Shari! xo

Anonymous said...

Challengingly Comely Woman.

Just Jane said...

Oooo. I, of course, do like that one!