Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Oh Canada

The internet is something else.

It can be brutal, horrifying, disgusting, hilarious, awe-inspiring, fun...and that's just on Twitter.

It can call millions upon millions of people to action and impact real change in a blink of an eye.

It can help quickly organize peaceful protests. It can assist in the overthrowing of oppressive governments.

And it can bring friends - real friends - you've never met to add to the collection of meat space friends. Ones who, when you're down, are right there listening, caring, offering advice, support and love at the very moment you need it.

I didn't have a particularly good weekend. Oh sure. I was able to see non-husband 2 and non-husband 3 when Acr0nym and Spux took me out on the town to hang out with friends on Friday night. Of course, there was the cash flash mob the Divatologist organized at a local kitsch shop and subsequent luncheon on Saturday. And sure, there was a respite from despair when I spent Sunday afternoon at Acr0nym's house interviewing my work spouse, Dr. Finger, for the podcast. There was also the coconut postcard incident to give me joy.

But all of those things were coated in a thick, gooey layer of sadness at having been swiftly and unceremoniously kicked into the streets (because the curb wouldn't have me) by Noodle. I was reeling, listless, heartbroken. I found myself asking why, over and over, it was really over.

Monday and Tuesday weren't any better. At least, they weren't until Tuesday evening when I dragged myself home after a long day at the office and found a HUGE box stamped "ProFlowers" (thank you, ProFlowers, for suspending your advertising on that one guy's - I refuse to utter his name - vitriolic radio show) nestled among my bed covers waiting patiently for me.


For me?

But who?

I couldn't possibly imagine who might have sent me flowers or for what occasion. Briefly, the thought that perhaps Noodle had come to his senses flitted through my head but was summarily dismissed as impossible for so many reasons.

I had to ask Lex to slit the box tape open for me as I was too beside myself to do it on my own (we all know what happens when you give Jane sharp pointy objects).

Once the box was opened, I sat on the edge of my bed, gazing at the huge bouquet of alstroemeria lillies - Peruvian lillies - and wondered. Who? 

And then, as I located and read the card, I sobbed.

It said:

For the infinitely wise Jane,
Because you are fabulous. Smile :)
Hugs from Canada!


Cdnkaro - four under 4 (plus two). A woman I've never met in person - a woman I didn't know existed until just a few months ago but who, in short order has become a dear I admire for her strength, intelligence, fierce determination, boundless energy, sense of humor and, above all, her compassion for people in need.

Little did I suspect she'd be there when I was in need - thousands of miles away - too.

Vinny says, "Why for I can't eat these snax nao?"

Behold. The power of the internet.

Just in case you are wondering...
How she got my address is simple. I sponsored her in a charity walk she participated in on The Coldest Night in her community. I wanted a way to support her - I'm a true fan, after all - and so I contributed to something she felt was important. The charity provided her with a list of names and addresses so she could thank her supporters.

The donation was repaid in spades.

Thank you, Karo. Sincerely. They're just beginning to bloom and they are beautifully you. Your thoughtfulness, your kindness, is one of the loveliest gifts I've ever received.


miss modchen said...

our sane and rational northern brethren and sistern are pretty much ENTIRELY COMPOSED OF FUCKING WIN.

also, i'd like it to be noted by someone somewhere that i managed to restrain myself from telling you the History of Noodle And Bigger Ladies while you were hanging out with him, because he is a complete and total shitbag. i can say that now, can't i?

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful, Jane, and here's a lesson: once in a while the Internet can serve for the better good! :)

Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Hugs my friend (long-time no-see!),

Masked Mom said...

Oh, you guys! Now I'm all weepy before breakfast!

Lucy said...

Oh, I love this story and those flowers are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

She's the best and you're the best. Noodle is a fool (I wanted to make that last one rhyme, but Noodle is a foodle really didn't make any sense).

TangledLou said...

That is just the sweetest thing. Fresh flowers from a friend will definitely ward off a Dionysian fart.

Laine Griffin said...

Man, I have been away too long.
What a wonderful friend you have!!
Love to you, beautiful Jane!

Margi said...

This is completely awesome. Brought little tears to my eyes this morning. And Noodle is apparently part Poodle. (for Word Nerd!)

Jenn and Casey said...

yay! Internet friends for the win!!!!

Ernie Hendrix said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us. Even more proof that family is often what you make it and friends can be found even on the internet.

(Ms.) Ernie

alienbody said...

What a lovely thing for her to do. Smiles always...ALWAYS follow the delivery of flowers. :-)