Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Wait...You Found Me How?! April 2012 Edition

YES! It is that time again. That once-a-month post whereby I comb the keyword searches that returned Jane In Her Infinite Wisdom to some unsuspecting freak and/or geek.

Amid the usual searches for Luke Perry full frontal nudity, snot, boomchunka cookie recipe, and the rising demand for images of girls with cool facial scars, there are some wonderful, weird, crazy and occasionally Rule 34 pornographic gems people search on...and somehow end up here.

So! Here we go!

Note: There seems to be a significant interest in underpants this time 'round.

1) wall of tolerance toothpicks  I'm not sure what we're doing here. Are we building a wall of tolerance out of toothpicks? Building a wall of tolerance in support of tolerating toothpicks? Regardless, I have never blogged about walls of tolerance or of toothpicks and certainly never about a wall of tolerance out of or in support of toothpicks...at least, not until now. For the record though, I'm all for supporting tolerance of toothpicks.

2) elephant face tattoo near penis  Hee hee. They said "penis". Still...I've never had an occasion to tattoo an elephant face anywhere let alone near my (non-existent) penis. I think this is probably not the blog you're looking for.

3) jane's underpants  Is this a madlib? Jane's underpants are ____________ (noun).

4) I'll jinx showing her underwear  And again with the underwear. What are we jinxing again?

5) liberty statue panties  Um...I don't think the liberty statue wears underwear but you'd have to ask the French. And now I have "I see London. I see France. I see ladies' underpants." stuck in my head.

6) pickle penis  Hee hee. They said "penis". This may be a reference to the Adult Swim show Frisky Dingo Season 1 during which there was an exchange between Barnaby Jones (aka Xander Crews) and Killface in which they say:

Barnaby Jones: That's not a pickle.
Killface: Yes, I know. It's your penis.

WAA HAA HAA HAA! What? Yes, I am 12. But I don't think I've ever blogged about that...until now.

So...what have you got for us this month?

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Anonymous said...

I'm 12, too! No wonder we get along so well.

Is it wrong that I'm fighting the urge to leave a comment here that is little more than a string of words designed to bring the weirdos out in full force? Yeah, I guess so.

Penis. hehehe

Just Jane said...

Seriously! Being a 12-year-old boy inside is kinda awesome! No end to the amusement.

You can try but I'm fairly certain all the anonymous comments that go automatically to spam have got you beat all hollow in the nonsensical stream of freak-words department.

Gaelyn said...

You said penis. Twice.

cdnkaro said...

Lol I'm totally giggling like a 12 year old boy as well. Looking forward to doing my post like this!

Julie DeMille said...

My searches are pretty boring, but I did it anyway.
(I still can't say penis in front of my mom.)

Lucy said...

I think I'm afraid to see how people land on my page LOL

Those are some very interesting searches, to say the least!

Masked Mom said...

You totally know this post is going to DOUBLE your penis/panty search total, right?