Monday, September 03, 2012

Pillow Talk...Literally

In preparation for the imminent arrival of one Naked Jen, I did something today I almost never do.

I mean, aside from accidentally leaving behind my credit card at the restaurant where Acr0nym and I had lunch, but that's beside the point.

I bought new pillows - guest pillows and then pillows especially for me.

And not just any $4 pillows from Target as I did the last time I either had to buy new pillows or sleep without. No, no. I actually went to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond and purchased the equivalent of a Cadillac or, at the very least, a nice middle of the road Corolla.

While I was there perusing every manner of pillow...shape, size, filler, price...I realized pillow shopping is hard. It's worse than buying a new car in some ways because there isn't much pre-shopping research you can do to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. There really is no way of knowing just what sleep on a particular pillow will be until you get it home, dress it up, and test drive it several nights - or, in my case, nights and naps - in a row.

Of course, the risk is somewhat lower with a $50 pillow than it is with a $20,000 car. Still...buying a lemon of any sort, unless it's an actual lemon for tasty things like lemon bars, lemon chess pie, or lemonade (I'm hungry now, thanks), is disappointing at best. And I was a little nervous, even with a 20% off coupon, about this pillow I was buying just for me.

Because, while I've always been an epic sleeper - I've never met a nap I didn't like - as I age, good sleep is imperative to my good mood and, as I age, good sleep gets harder and harder to come by. I'd hate to be in a bad mood just for the want of a decent pillow, you know? 

But I bit the bullet anyway and am now the proud owner of a Therapedic pile of pillowy stuff that conforms to my head and neck. I took it right home - I mean, I took it home after we ate lunch, left my credit card at the restaurant, did a DIY thing at my office, grocery shopped, and made a frantic phone call to the restaurant to hopefully locate my card - and then almost immediately took it for a test spin. It is me, after all, and I do love a nap.

So far, I like it. It's nice. It does what it advertises. Meaning, it cushions my head while I sleep and it does, indeed, conform to the contours of my head and neck. It may be too early to say but I do think I've chosen well.

Now. Maybe I'll work up the courage to buy a new bed. I've never done that before. All my beds have been hand-me-downs or guest beds. Hell. The bed I sleep in now without benefit of a frame was free and I don't even know where it's been. Imagine what a night's sleep in an actual good, well-supported bed might feel like! 


This grown up stuff is so hard. And, as it turns out, expensive. 

Shouldn't there be an easier way? I want my mom.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a band who may have wanted to consult their mothers about that HAIR. As an aside, I remember watching this video and feeling like it was somehow dirty with all those risque girls in their underpants taking their bras off. Hee hee. Hee hee. It's like...the Victoria's Secret catalog of porn in video form. That was clearly pre-Rule 34.


Gaelyn said...

OMG, I've spent a fortune on cheap pillows. I'm a feather gal. But after finally treating myself to a goose down at a bed and pillow store I'm in love. Although not a napper.

What is with that hair? Geez!!!

BTW, a new bed is also divine.

cdnkaro said...

Love it. Can I come nap at your house? I want a nap...

Margi said...


Nap, here I come. When I road-trip, I travel with my pillow. I lurve it.

Graciewilde said...

oh yeah, buying a bed - now that's real fun - NOT! I have been a part of purchasing three (that I remember) - one waterbed - let's hear it for that innovation -
after the divorce, I found a bed somewhere - and then at the beginning of marriage #2, another real bed was purchased - who knows how we decided on what bed ? after about 25 years, we cashed in that bed called a temperpedic (with memory foam, no less) - about $3500 - can you believe that? I guess it's okay....
I need a nap.